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The A - Z of Untried: D is for ditching bad puns

Hi lovelies!

Let's continue the trip through my drawer of untrieds and look at what the letter D has to offer. Since I last did an A-Z post I counted my untrieds - the official count was 178! I thought I was sitting at just over 100, so I decided to do three polishes this week. I must say - there are some amazing polishes hiding in there that really need to see the light of day, so keep your eyes on this series.


I have to say, I'm not really on the Dance Legend bandwagon. I have Sulley, which I mostly bought because Monsters Inc. is the best. I won Pulsar quite a while ago in a prize pack from Femme Fatale, and I remember doing a quick one finger swatch and it didn't really impress me. Thinking there must be something more, I threw it in the untried drawer and promptly forgot about it.

I was a bit let down by Pulsar when I swatched it again recently - it needed 3-4 coats for full coverage. I stopped at 3 because under lights you don't really notice the slightly balder patches but in low light they were pretty evident. I don't understand the holo silver flakes either - it looks like I've scratched a dandruffy scalp. Holo and duo/multichromes can stay separate for me, they just don't need to be in the same polish.

EMILY DE MOLLY Did I Just Curse?

Emily de Molly - Did I Just Curse?

Shit! I mean... shit. Shoot! How did I forget this was waiting for my attention? The light sage creme is packed with black, white and fuchsia glitters with some shifty iridescent copper/green hexes. I adore the mix of colour - I'm on a bit of a sage kick at the moment so this was a great find in the drawer.

This was opaque in just two coats, however it needed a bit of careful application on the second coat due to the high glitter content. I could have done with a second layer of top coat too as it's a bit thirsty - but totally worth it. I always love the glittery cremes and crellies from Emily de Molly and this might be a favourite. It's also still available at emilydemolly.bigcartel.com

Emily de Molly - Did I Just Curse?

PRETTY SERIOUS Daphne After Dark

Pretty Serious - Daphne After Dark

Black and rainbow, I love you so! Daphne After Dark is a rainbow of colourful glitters in an almost black jelly base. I took a shortcut and did just one coat over black undies. I did do a bit of dabbling to ensure the glitters spread evenly but it was minimal effort.

This is another thirsty one and needs a good thick top coat for a super smooth finish. I love having this on hand for an accent nail and glittery gradients. This is still available from pretty-serious.com.

Pretty Serious - Daphne After Dark

That's all for now, see you next time! x

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