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Swatches & Review - Two Birds Lacquer 'Just So' collection

Hi lovelies!

I am really excited about showing you the new collection from Two Birds Lacquer today - I think Stacey from Two Birds Lacquer somehow got into my brain and made some of my wishes come true for autumn. Fans of a jewel tone or autumn shade will be very pleased with this collection, as will the jelly glitter lovers!

Two Birds Lacquer Just So collection


Two Birds Lacquer - Agreeably Amber

Squeeeee! Brown glitter jelly! This is a gorgeous burnt amber jelly with orange, copper and bronze glitters in a few different sizes. I love the reddened orange glow when the light hits your nails. This is the squishy brown goodness I've been looking for.

Formula on this was good, a little bit of dabbling helps spread the glitters and it's easy to do this. I found it was opaque at two coats but it just gets richer with a third, which I did for my swatches. You will need a nice glitter feeding top coat to get a smooth finish

Two Birds Lacquer - Agreeably Amber


Two Birds Lacquer - Candidly Carmine

Velvet anyone? Even glossy I still read this as a soft and lush burgundy velvet, flecked with black and bronze. I love how refined and regal this feels, a soft shimmery twist on a classic polish colour.

Again I found this polish was opaque in two coats but just got richer with three. Formula is smooth and lovely to apply.

Two Birds Lacquer - Candidly Carmine


Two Birds Lacquer - Merely Moss

Hello dream polish! Juicy jelly glittery moss, you are my everything. Totally filthy gorgeous. The khaki/forest green jelly is full of forest green micro glitter and perfect teeny tiny bronze glitters.

I did three coats to reach full opacity and found the formula a dream - no dragging glitter and a nice easy finish that isn't too thirsty for top coat, however a nice thick glossy top coat will up that sparkle and depth to perfection.

Two Birds Lacquer - Merely Moss


Two Birds Lacquer - Modestly Mauve

Shimmery pearlescent lavender with a smattering of holo micro glitters. While I think it's a pretty colour I don't love the finish, the shimmery pearl base obscures the holo glitters a bit too much for my liking. Top coat made the holo glitters look a bit like air bubbles in certain light, but it's not entirely necessary.

The formula was really nice, it applied smooth and evenly with no dragging or balding. I only needed two coats for perfect opacity which means a quicker dry time if you decide to skip top coat.

Two Birds Lacquer - Modestly Mauve


Two Birds Lacquer - Naturally Navy

Another polish that I swear was plucked directly from my brain is this sapphire stunner. A rich navy jelly full of sapphire glitters and gold flecks. I love that the blue jelly gives the gold flecks a slightly olive tone - so uniquely beautiful.

I needed three coats for the perfect finish, but I found this really great to work with. The glitters spread really easily across the nail and the base was a lovely consistency. This is another glitter hungry polish so you may need an extra layer of top coat for a nice glassy finish, I have only used one or my swatches.

Two Birds Lacquer - Naturally Navy


Two Birds Lacquer - Simply Sage

Lovely soft dusky sage with a golden shimmer. Somehow despite the range of greens I hoard this is a truly unique colour joining my collection so I am thrilled with this one! The shimmer is subtle but just right. It brings a nice warm light to the overall look without overpowering the soft base.

The formula was really lovely, applied smooth as butter and self levelled well. I only needed two coats for opacity and a lick of top coat to gloss it up.

Two Birds Lacquer - Simply Sage

Once again, I'm truly impressed by Two Birds Lacquer and the Just So collection. Beautiful range of colours, and a few different finishes to mix things up. Formulas were wonderful on all and I am super happy with the squishy jellies.

The Just So collection is available via Two Birds Lacquer tomorrow (Saturday8/5) for $9.95 each or $50 for the entire collection. Bargain!

Merely Moss
Agreeably Amber
Simply Sage

*The abovementioned products were provided by Two Birds Lacquer, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information


  1. These are all lovely- Merely Moss is so unique!

    1. Isn't it? I love how the bronze glitters glow in the light!