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Going Green for Lyme Awareness

Hi lovelies!

I don't usually participate in awareness campaigns, but I am again making an exception for Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

Why Lyme disease? Because it's something I believe needs the attention! The Australian Government does not even recognise the existence of Lyme Disease, which means diagnosis is difficult (and often very late) and proper treatment hard to access.

Also, because Alinta from Polish and Paws is running a huge giveaway for those sharing their green manis throughout the month and I want to encourage you to enter! Click on the image below to find out more.

OK there may be a third reason - I do love my green polish! First up I've done some stamping using an image from Emily de Molly plate EDM11.

Textured stamping nail art

The polishes I used were Sally Hansen Sour Apple and Celestial Cosmetics Leaf. This is possibly my most consistent stamping effort to date, which I'm putting down to strategic pattern selection.

Aaaaannnd, a bonus swatch in something bright, because I love a bright acidic green! Shades of Phoenix Hemlock was sitting in my untrieds waiting for some attention and now it has a quick moment to shine! 

Shades of Phoenix - Hemlock

Don't forget to visit Polish and Paws to find out more about Lyme Disease, and to find out how to enter her giveaway! (Giveaway rules state entries are open until May 24, but it has been extended until the 29th)