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The A to Z of Untried: E Talking

Hi lovelies!

I'm so pleased with my progress in project untried so far - I'm down to 154! Now that I have a number on it (even if it is triple digits) it feels so manageable, plus I have a list which is making picking soooo much easier.

Also today - bonus nail art!


Pretty Serious - Elliot

Gorgeous shimmery sky blue Elliot is actually one of my more recent purchases from Pretty Serious despite it being one of their earlier releases. I'm so glad I picked it up before it went away for good, because I don't have anything else like it. I've been loving shimmery cremes lately too so I think this will get busted out a bit more often.

Pretty Serious - Elliot

I did a bit of freehand deep V art using It's a Bit Grey from Ulta3 and some jade green holo studs from Emily de Molly. Wasn't quite what I pictured in my head, but it turned out OK I guess.

Nail art with Pretty Serious - Elliot

ESSIE Dressed to Kilt

Essie - Dressed to Kilt

I have a total love/hate relationship with Essie - I feel like they do so many great colours with lacklustre formulas, and the skinny brush is a total nightmare to work with for me. I haven't bought an Essie for quite a while for this reason, but I got this one in a recent Bellabox. 

Happily, Dressed to Kilt not only has a gorgeous formula, but it has a new wide brush! I went from apprehensive to totally in love almost immediately with this stunning deep blue toned red. I didn't need top coat, it was glossy and perfect in two coats. I didn't even need to do any cleanup because of the fabulous brush, my cuticles were definitely singing with joy at not being flooded with red.

Essie - Dressed to Kilt

I started off doing some black half moon nail art and decided to get weird. I brushed on some sketchy stripes and dotted some random specks of Essie No Place Like Chrome. It makes me think of creepy and spidery abstract eyelashes. I like when I get weird!

Creepy lashes nail art

See you soon with some F-ing great polish!

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