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My Favourite Things - May 2015

Hi lovelies!

This little blog has been going for over a year now - a milestone that slipped by a few weeks ago without me even noticing - so I thought I'd start showing a little more of my personality and life outside of my love of polish.

So begins my first monthly roundup of my favourite things! Obviously polish is going to feature pretty heavily, but there will be plenty of other things that I want to share my love of with you all!

Giving you #FlaSayDah realness

Hi lovelies!

Any fellow RuPaul's Drag Race fans hanging around these parts? Personally, I'm obsessed and I've been wanting to do some Drag Race inspired nail art for months! The  fashions are always fabulously gag-worthy, from Violet Chachki's amazing black/tartan jumpsuit to Miss Fame's knife through the head eleganza.

My personal favourite runway of the season was the half drag runway from the Prancing Queens episode, which gave us the hottest looking half man half woman I've ever seen and a brand new word to casually drop into conversation.

No, we don't exactly know what it means.

Before I lose you non-RPDR fans (which of course is only because you haven't seen it yet, right?), yes, I have some nails to be showin'!

The A to Z of Untried: Foxes, Flowers & Floaties

Hi lovelies!

I have three more untrieds to show off today, so let's get right into it!

Going Green for Lyme Awareness

Hi lovelies!

I don't usually participate in awareness campaigns, but I am again making an exception for Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

Why Lyme disease? Because it's something I believe needs the attention! The Australian Government does not even recognise the existence of Lyme Disease, which means diagnosis is difficult (and often very late) and proper treatment hard to access.

Also, because Alinta from Polish and Paws is running a huge giveaway for those sharing their green manis throughout the month and I want to encourage you to enter! Click on the image below to find out more.

The A to Z of Untried: E Talking

Hi lovelies!

I'm so pleased with my progress in project untried so far - I'm down to 154! Now that I have a number on it (even if it is triple digits) it feels so manageable, plus I have a list which is making picking soooo much easier.

Also today - bonus nail art!

Easy angled Autumn nails

Hi lovelies!

I feel like I've lost a bit of my nail art mojo lately, so I decided to get back to basics. I've been a busy bee outside of internet and nail life so I did a super easy angled french in some beautiful autumnal shades to cheer myself up last night.

Angled french tip nail art

The A - Z of Untried: D is for ditching bad puns

Hi lovelies!

Let's continue the trip through my drawer of untrieds and look at what the letter D has to offer. Since I last did an A-Z post I counted my untrieds - the official count was 178! I thought I was sitting at just over 100, so I decided to do three polishes this week. I must say - there are some amazing polishes hiding in there that really need to see the light of day, so keep your eyes on this series.

Giveaway! Win a $250 gift card thanks to The Nail Polish Blogger Connection

I hope you're feeling lucky, because one lucky person will soon walk away with $250 thanks to the ladies of the Nail Polish Blogger Connection! Find out how to enter after the jump.

Swatches & Review - Two Birds Lacquer 'Just So' collection

Hi lovelies!

I am really excited about showing you the new collection from Two Birds Lacquer today - I think Stacey from Two Birds Lacquer somehow got into my brain and made some of my wishes come true for autumn. Fans of a jewel tone or autumn shade will be very pleased with this collection, as will the jelly glitter lovers!

Two Birds Lacquer Just So collection

Swatches & Review: Shades of Phoenix 'Shades of Potter'

Hi lovelies!

More geeking out over Harry Potter is in order today with the new collection from Shades of Phoenix - Shades of Potter being released last night. We all know how much I like to geek out over both nail polish AND Harry Potter right? Yes! Brilliant!

Shades of Phoenix Shades of Potter collection

The Shades of Potter collection is a range of shimmering pearlescent colours with a soft scattered holo effect. I used three coats for each shade, and finished off with top coat.