Swatches & Review: Grace-full Nail Polish Peacock Collection (pt 2)

Hi lovelies!

I'm a bit late, but today I have more Peacock beauties from Grace-full Nail Polish, three gorgeous cremes to complement the pretty glitters I showed you earlier this week. Plus, some bonus nail art!


Amazin - Grace-full Nail Polish | Peacock collection

A delicious grape-y purple that leans quite periwinkle. It's actually a little darker than my photos show, purples like this are notoriously difficult to capture correctly. 

Amazin' is gorgeously pigmented, and it self levels beautifully. I only needed two easy coats for the perfect finish. It feels a little bit lux with the rich and buttery formula, and it wears well. An absolute must have if you like the colour.

Amazin - Grace-full Nail Polish | Peacock collection

Colour block nail art - Grace-full Nail Polish

After a few days I had some tip wear (typing all day is a killer!) that I covered up with a swipe of Jaw Droppin' across the tip and a stripe of Eye Poppin' up the middle. Super easy and eye catching!


Eye Poppin - Grace-full Nail Polish | Peacock collection

A gorgeous eggplant shade with a subtly murky edge. It's rich and vibrant but has the slightest hint of grey - I own a lot of purples but I don't think I have any quite like this.

Eye Poppin' applies like a crelly so it will look streaky and thin on the first coat, but by the third coat you're good to go, it builds up surprisingly easily. I think it was actually opaque at two coats but I added another to go a little darker. Nice smooth formula and easy to apply.

Eye Poppin - Grace-full Nail Polish | Peacock collection

Dry brush nail art Grace-full Nail Polish | Peacock collection

I did some quick dry brush art over the top for the hell of it - the colours work so well together I couldn't not.


Jaw Droppin - Grace-full Nail Polish | Peacock collection

A stunning cerulean blue that delivers such a bright pop of colour! I adore this shade and I think I need to reswatch - I was fiddling with my setup when I swatched this and the lighting made my nails look like some weird ridged mess.

I can assure you this was super smooth and self levelling, I did three coats for a solid finish. It again has the crelly type formula which gives it a bit of depth that straight cremes don't have.

Jaw Droppin - Grace-full Nail Polish | Peacock collection

So that's all for what I received of the Peacock collection - there are even more if you head over to Grace-full Nail Polish! I have my eye on Walk The Walk, triangle glitter goodness! Grace-full are also having a sale over Easter weekend - use the code EASTER for 20% up until Tuesday.

All of them???

*The abovementioned products were provided by Grace-full Nail Polish for review, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information.

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