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Pink on Pink French Tip Tutorial

Hi lovelies!

A quickie today, bringing you my first pictorial of simple nail art that is achievable for any experience level.

A french tip doesn't have to be boring nude and white - I'm a firm believer in there being no set rules for anything in nail art when it comes to colour and design. 

I used two Shades of Phoenix polishes for my tutorial - Holly Crush is from the Xmas 2014 trio and still available directly from the Shades of Phoenix online store. Fatale Fenix is the Femme Fatale exclusive and is still available from Femme Fatale Cosmetics.

I prefer to do freehand because though you might not get the perfect crisp edge vinyl tip guides give you, you also don't have the wait for your polish to dry before sticking a tip guide or vinyl to your nail. If you are more patient than me then go ahead and use some vinyls!

French Tip Tutorial (freehand)
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TIPS for your tips

  • Pick a nice opaque polish as your tip colour - the fewer swipes of polish you need the more seamless the tip appears
  • Add the tip when your polish is touch dry, and use a light touch
  • Lay the brush as flat as possible on the nail as this helps get a nice smooth edge
  • Try and do one clean swipe, but don't be afraid to fix up your base with a prod or two more. If you start with a clean line you should find the second coat (if needed) follows the path of the original line
  • Float your top coat for a smooth finish
  • Refresh an old mani with a contrasting french tip! It's the perfect way to hide tip wear without redoing your whole mani.

Thanks for reading! x

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