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The A to Z of Untried - Bright and Brilliant

Hi lovelies!

I returned to the untried drawer again this week and picked out my 'B' polishes. One fantastic Aussie Indie that has been languishing in that drawer for far too long, and another I missed the boat on swatching when it was all the rage.

Wanna see?

Approx 1/2 of the drawer of untrieds

BETTIE PAIN POLISH Fruit of the Dragon

Bettie Pain Polish - Fruit of the Dragon

I only have a handful of Bettie Pain but they are all fabulous. Fruit of the Dragon kept getting pushed aside because of its pinkness, which was a total error in judgement. The bright fuchsia colour is incredible and the formula is juicy perfection. 

I love the sparse black glitter and the little pale flakies are subtle enough that the colour is still the hero of the polish. It is glossy and gorgeous, and still available from Bettie Pain Polish in either 8ml or 12ml options.

Bettie Pain Polish - Fruit of the Dragon

ILNP Brilliance

ILNP - Brilliance

My excitement for multichrome flakies has definitely waned since buying some of the original ILNP collection. Are they impressive? Hell yes! Are they still exciting? Maybe not.

I knew what I was in for swatching this so why I tried to build it to opacity on it's own without sponging it on is beyond me. I think if I'd done this over black I'd be more excited. Because truly, it's the most uniquely grotesque colour combination and I love it. 

It's like a rusting robot Frankenstein's monster with the grassy green, burning copper and rose gold shift and I want more! Maybe I've just worn too many 'pretty' colours lately and needed the change, but despite my swatch fail I still think I can make this one work in my collection.

ILNP - Brilliance

That's all for this week - 'C' you next time! 

GET IT?!?! 

I'll show myself out...

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