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French Ikat nail art - #52WPNMC

Hi pals!

Of course, I'm here posting my Pick n Mix nails as late as possible again. I was putting off editing because I was convinced they were going to be horrible, but I think I managed to put together something entirely acceptable.

The two prompts for this week are two things I don't usually do individually let alone combined - Metallic and Ikat. I was very hesitant about putting both of these things on my nails at once. What to do when you don't want to commit fully? Make it a French!

French Ikat Nail Art

I started with a base of China Glaze No Plain Jane - bam, metallic done! The design was pretty simple to do, I used an angled flat brush and just painted rough lines starting from the centre and working outward using OPI Planks a Lot and Ulta3 Black Satin. 

I never liked the usual ikat print you see on fabric (and nails), but after some research via Prof. Google I found that it's actually a kind of woven fabric where the strands are dyed before weaving - hence the roughened edges that form as the strands will never perfectly fit against the neighbouring strands. I have much more respect for the art of ikat now!

French Ikat Nail Art

As always, don't forget to see what everyone else did this week!

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