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Adventure Time Candy People Nail Art #52WPNMC

Hello pals!
Super rushed last minute nail art this week - I even considered taking the week off but I'd been so looking forward to the Kids TV prompt I sat my butt down last night and went for it.

I could have opted to go with one prompt, but no, I persisted and tried to use only Non-US brands - I only failed on one colour which  I think is good enough considering I used about a dozen colours.

From index to pinky, we have:

Starchy - Ulta3 (Aus brand) Creme Brulee, Moody Blues & Black Satin; OPI I Brake for Manicures (my cheat colour)
Peppermint Butler - Ulta3 Lily White & Black Satin, plus two Aussie indies Powder Perfect With My High Heels On and Celestial Cosmetics Monocerous
Dr. Dextrose - Ulta3  Lily White, Black Satin, It's A Bit Grey & Flashback Fuchsia
Banana Guard - Mckfresh Nail Attire (Aus indie) Brimstone Flutter, Ulta3  Black Satin & OPI I Brake for Manicures

I haven't done anything so time consuming for a long time, but it felt good to really get stuck into some crazy nail art again!

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