/**/ March 2015 - Procrastinating Polishr

Swatches & Review: Grace-full Nail Polish Peacock Collection (pt 1)

Hi lovelies!

If you've been around these parts before you may have noticed that I'm a huge fan of blue and green. So imagine my reaction when I get sent an amazing package of polish from the lovely Theresa of Grace-full Nail Polish and it is full of the most beautiful spectrum of blues, greens and purples! I opened each one slowly ooh-ing and aah-ing at each one, then spent the next few days in swatching heaven.

I have four to show you today - glittery goodness inspired by that spectacularly colourful bird, the peacock!

The A to Z of Untried - An Adventure Begins

Hi lovelies!

A new series begins today, giving me the excuse to really delve into my growing drawer of untrieds (or, as my friend calls it - Mordor) and finally show them the love they've been waiting for while satisfying my OCD tendencies and doing things alphabetically.

Given I have untrieds well into the triple digits I'll be doing two for each letter wherever possible... so I figure I'll be covered until at least the letter Q. 

Swatches & Review: Mckfresh Nail Attire 'The Great Hunt' Trio

Hi lovelies!

Hard to believe Easter is almost upon us, I for one look forward to it every year. Well, I look forward to the first shopping day after Easter when chocolate sales begin. Easter eggs are the most delicious chocolate and that is science fact. 

Enough about chocolate, I have polish for you! Mckfresh have released three polishes inspired by that wonderful Easter tradition - the backyard Easter egg hunt. Grab a basket and prepare your best grabby hands!

Mckfresh Nail Attire - The Great Hunt Easter Trio

Swatches & Review: Shades of Phoenix 'Sparkling Simplicity' collection

Hi lovelies!

A little bit of an exciting post today - my first post as the official swatcher for one of my favourite Australian brands, Shades of Phoenix! More about that later, but first I have 5 new pretties in the form of matte + silver holo glitter toppers to feast your eyeballs on. 

Image via http://shadesofphoenix.bigcartel.com

St Patrick's Day swatch - KB Shimmer

Happy St Patrick's Day!

It's the greenest day of the year and that makes me very happy! Not so long ago my favourite thing about St Patrick's Day was the copious amounts of alcohol involved, but these days I'm a (slightly) more responsible adult, so green nails seemed like the way to go.

I even had the most appropriate polish sitting in Mount Untried - KB Shimmer's Get Clover It. 

KB Shimmer - Get Clover It

Adventure Time Candy People Nail Art #52WPNMC

Hello pals!
Super rushed last minute nail art this week - I even considered taking the week off but I'd been so looking forward to the Kids TV prompt I sat my butt down last night and went for it.

Swatches & Review - Glittering Elements

Hi lovelies!

This weekend us Aussie's are being treated with a quite a few new releases, and I was lucky enough to receive the new collection from Glittering Elements to show you! It's an eclectic little collection of six polishes all with the trademark Glittering Elements shimmer and sparkle.

Swatches & Review: Two Birds Lacquer First Anniversary!

Hi lovelies!

Five gorgeous polishes to show you today from Two Birds Lacquer, who celebrate the one year anniversary of their launch this Sunday. Two Birds is easily one of my favourite Aussie indie brands. Stacey has consistently put out  great quality polish and interesting collections so I was super excited to see what she had put together this time around. 

When they arrived adorably wrapped like a gift I knew I was in for a treat!

Two Birds Lacquer - First Anniversary collection

French Ikat nail art - #52WPNMC

Hi pals!

Of course, I'm here posting my Pick n Mix nails as late as possible again. I was putting off editing because I was convinced they were going to be horrible, but I think I managed to put together something entirely acceptable.

The two prompts for this week are two things I don't usually do individually let alone combined - Metallic and Ikat. I was very hesitant about putting both of these things on my nails at once. What to do when you don't want to commit fully? Make it a French!

French Ikat Nail Art

Swatches & review: Moonstone Nail Polish 'Wicked Witches' collection

Hi lovelies!

I am SO excited to be showing you the new collection from Moonstone Nail Polish today! I've loved this brand for some time so I was thrilled when Caitlin contacted me to swatch the Wicked Witches collection, inspired by 6 of the brilliant, clever, badass witches from the Harry Potter universe.

Moonstone Nail Polish - Wicked Witches collection

What do you think? Which witch is which?