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Swatches & Review: Two Birds Lacquer Valentines Day Duo


I have another post for the lovers today, with the limited edition Valentines Day Duo from Two Birds Lacquer. After the jump you'll see the pink extravaganza that awaits, but first, take a few minutes to listen to the favourite love song (and inspiration when naming the duo) of Stacey from Two Birds to get you in the mood.


Two Birds Lacquer - A Thousand Julys

Pinks don't come much brighter than this! It's equally thrilling and terrifying to me - hot pinks are my kryptonite so as I started applying A Thousand Julys I felt my skin getting ruddier by the second. In the bottle this has a subtle and pretty violet shimmer which I thought might help me deal with the hot pink. It's more vivid on the nail though, and brought the pink to life even more.

After my initial hot pink flushes I regained composure and went for the top coat, as shown in the image above. Below, I learned that it was entirely unecessary.

Two Birds Lacquer - A Thousand Julys

I don't know about you, but I think A Thousand Julys is better on it's own. When top coated the shimmer is more pronounced and comes off too pearlescent for my liking. Top coat also amplified some brush strokes that weren't as noticeable when without. Left alone, the shimmer blends with the colour better and the little iridescent glitters don't get lost in a sea of gloss. Still, despite my revelation, I felt a small pang of sadness for I had encountered the first polish released by Two Birds that I just didn't like. One out of dozens ain't bad though!

For those of you who are all about the hot pink I should tell you this: you'll only need two coats for opacity, which dries fast so there's no need for a fast dry gloss. If you have ridgey nails like me you might notice some brushstrokes, but otherwise it has a lovely formula that's easy to work with - I didn't even touch my cleanup brush. 


Two Birds Lacquer - The Thrill of the Thought

Now a milky crelly - I am allll about this! The Thrill of the Thought is a beautiful girly polish filled with shards. Such contradictions will always win me over. Also shards. Shards will always win me over. There are bright matte and pastel pinks in here - I can't tell if it's all shards or if there are some squares in there too. There are definitely some cute micro glitters floating around too.

Two Birds Lacquer - The Thrill of the Thought
The crelly formula was nice and easy, I tried both regular application and a sideways variation on dabbing (in short - lay the brush flat along the length of the nail, then gently dab/wiggle the flat brush while moving outwards in each direction) and both worked well. The crelly is nicely opaque in three coats and still lets the glitters from each layer peek through. The shards were easily tamed with just one coat of top coat.

The Thrill of the Thought is (I think quite obviously) my favourite of the duo, not just for the polish but for the name! Don't you think it's perfect? It makes me think of those moments when all your thoughts are consumed by your lover, and just the thought of seeing them again makes your skin tingle. Makes me swoon.

The Valentines Day Duo is available from Two Birds Lacquer now for $18.50, or $9.95 individually. Get in quick as they are limited edition!

*The abovementioned products were provided by Two Birds Lacquer, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information

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