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I'm back with more pastel goodness with the final 4 cremes from the Grace-full Nail Polish Dreamy Beach collection. Yesterday had a bit of a mix of colours but today is all about yellow and green - the sand and the sea.

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Those cute little beach shacks look like some pretty spot on inspiration for this lot...


Grace-full Nail Polish - Anne | Dreamy Beach

Oh yes. This is what I'm alllllllllll about. Minty fresh pastel joy. Prepare to see me singing the songs of praise a lot today, because my green loving heart got blessed with 3 beautiful greens in one collection. Anne is a yellow toned bottle of gorgeous mint green that makes me crave lime sorbet.

Grace-full Nail Polish - Anne | Dreamy Beach

Anne applies a bit like a jelly, but because of the gorgeous pigmentation it's easily opaque in 3 coats. She is a smooth operator that self levels beautifully. I couldn't ask for better!


Grace-full Nail Polish - Brooke | Dreamy Beach

Brooke, if you are out there reading this: thank you. Thank you thank you thank you! Brooke, the polish, is the lemon butter yellow creme I've been searching for for as long as I have cared about nail polish. Yellows are always either horrendously streaky and sheer, or overcompensate with white to get some semblance of opacity. Not Brooke.

Grace-full Nail Polish - Brooke | Dreamy Beach

Now don't let my excitement lead you to believe this is some kind of miracle one coater yellow. While the formula is lovely, smooth and as buttery as the colour, it's still yellow - which means your first coat is going to scare you. But trust me, by coat three, you will be in pastel lemon creme heaven. You might see me there!


Grace-full Nail Polish - Margaret | Dreamy Beach

This little delight is the blue toned sister to Anne. If you showed most people these two polishes side by side they would call you foolish for needing both, but truly, you do. Margaret is cool and creamy, the gelato to Anne's sorbet. (Obviously I really like frozen desserts)

Grace-full Nail Polish - Margaret | Dreamy Beach

Margaret was the one polish I received that had a bit of a formula issue - there was some minor speckling evident. You can't see it in my photos, and I couldn't even see it at half an arms length, however creator Theresa was adamant that she will be giving Margaret an extra straining or two to be rid of the issue.

Speckling aside, the polish was still a dream to apply with the smooth glossy finish I'd come to expect.


Grace-full Nail Polish - Samara | Dreamy Beach

Finally we have Samara, a beautiful deep oceanic turquoise. My photos show it leaning slightly more green that it is off camera, but the vibrant rich colour you see is all the polish.

Grace-full Nail Polish - Samara | Dreamy Beach

I think Samara has the best formula of the bunch - 2 coats was smooth perfection. I don't think I could fault the formula at all.

So there you have it - eight gorgeous pastels that will take you through the end of summer. Dreamy Beach also has 4 crellies on offer so if a perfect creme isn't your thing there still might be something for you in the collection. All Dreamy Beach shades are available right now at http://www.gracefullnailpolish.com


*The abovementioned products were provided by Grace-full Nail Polish, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information

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