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Nail art: Stamped florals for #52WPNMC

Hello lovelies!

I think I'm properly back on the challenge wagon again! I actually did my Pick n Mix nails earlier in the week but it's been a busy time for Aussie Indie releases too so there's been lots of swatching and editing to do.

Floral stamping | Ulta3 Watercolour Marine Blue | Lilyanna 06

This week we had the prompts of Flowers and Pale Blue. Somehow I don't own a true pale blue - lots of mid-blues and a few pale blue crellies, but nothing that really called out to me for a floral mani. Luckily the Ulta3 watercolour set came to my rescue! These are similar to the OPI Sheer Tints, but cheaper and more readily available in Australia.

Floral stamping | Ulta3 Watercolour Marine Blue | Lilyanna 06

Obviously this is a stamped pattern - I used LilyAnna 06 for the cute daisy/sunflower look. My base is just one coat of Marina Blue over the top of a solid white. 

I pulled out my Pretty Serious Artiste for this mani (now sold out and discontinued) because I got a bit excited about stamping and stamped over the white - previous with the watercolours is that they smudge like hell. 

As always check out all the other contributions below!

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