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Houndstooth motif skittle - #52WPNMC

Hi lovelies!

For once I'm not posting my Pick n Mix nails right at the end of the week! What has come over me? I think I was just busting to do my nails after wearing the same thing for three days (I know!) thanks to a silly cut on my finger keeping me away from the polish remover. Please avert your eyes from my sad, but healing, middle finger.

I am equally excited and sad about this weeks prompts. Excited because Houndstooth (!!) and sad because Red, Orange and Yellow - one of my least favourite colour combinations.

Houndstooth motif nail art #52WPNMC

Even though I don't love the colour scheme I do love the houndstooth motif I ended up with. I don't have the time or inclination to freehand a whole nail of houndstooth, and I don't own a stamping plate with houndstooth! The shame!

Houndstooth motif nail art #52WPNMC

This is not to say I entirely freehanded the motifs though. I considered it, them remembered I have Emily de Molly plate EDM03 which has some basic shapes. I stamped squares in the corner of each nail with a white from Nail Stamping Queen, then freehanded the extra detail. So easy with a crisp square to work off.

Houndstooth motif nail art #52WPNMC

If you're wondering, the polishes used are, index to pinky:

Celestial Cosmetics Apocalypse
Ulta3 Sizzling Red
Revlon Colorstay Marmalade
Mckfresh Nail Attire Brimstone Flutter

I'm off the browse the rest of this weeks manis to envy everyone with full nails of perfect houndstooth. Check it out below!

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