/**/ February 2015 - Procrastinating Polishr

Houndstooth motif skittle - #52WPNMC

Hi lovelies!

For once I'm not posting my Pick n Mix nails right at the end of the week! What has come over me? I think I was just busting to do my nails after wearing the same thing for three days (I know!) thanks to a silly cut on my finger keeping me away from the polish remover. Please avert your eyes from my sad, but healing, middle finger.

I am equally excited and sad about this weeks prompts. Excited because Houndstooth (!!) and sad because Red, Orange and Yellow - one of my least favourite colour combinations.

Houndstooth motif nail art #52WPNMC

New Nail Decals from Mckfresh Nail Attire

Hi lovelies!

Some super easy nail art today looks courtesy of Mckfresh Nail Attire. Along with releasing a buttload of polish already this year, Mckfresh have added a small range of nail decals to their store. I reviewed the first release back in January, and now Kate has sent me the second batch of designs to show you all!

Image via etsy.com/au/shop/mckfreshnailattire

Swatches & Review: Mckfresh Nail Attire 'Mermaid Lagoon'

Hello lovelies!

I have a whole lotta shimmery delights for you today courtesy of Mckfresh Nail Attire. Kate has been cranking out the collections already this year, and I've been lucky enough to swatch them all so far for your viewing pleasure.

Today I bring you the Mermaid Lagoon collection, inspired by Mermaid Lagoon attraction at Tokyo DisneySea. Mermaid Lagoon is essentially the theme park home of The Little Mermaid. Does this not look like the most amazing theme park attraction ever?!?

I want to go to there
Image via: http://trdfan.com

Gah, I love it! I want to live there! But, I digress. Let's look at some polish! 

Geometric nail art - #52WPNMC

Hello pals!

I am super excited because today I got to do some colourful freehand nail art that I didn't immediately remove and replace with something else! It's been a bit of a swatch factory here lately (some of which you'll have seen, some still to come) so it was great to sit down and appreciate something for longer than the time it takes to get some good pictures.

Image via the-crumpet.com

So, of course, this is for the Pick n Mix challenge. Themes this week are Geometric (YAY!) and Yellow, Blue & Green.


Hello again!

I'm back with more pastel goodness with the final 4 cremes from the Grace-full Nail Polish Dreamy Beach collection. Yesterday had a bit of a mix of colours but today is all about yellow and green - the sand and the sea.

Image via http://itsallabouthtepolish.blogspot.com.au
Those cute little beach shacks look like some pretty spot on inspiration for this lot...

Swatches & Review: Grace-full 'Dreamy Beach' Cremes (part 1)

Hello lovelies!

I come bearing pastels this weekend with the gorgeous new release from Grace-full Nail Polish - Dreamy Beach. These are another subset of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun collection, this time inspired by sea tones and the beachy pastels in the collage below. 

Image via http://itsallaboutthepolish.blogspot.com.au

I'll have four for you today and another four tomorrow, so let's get into it!

Nail art: Stamped florals for #52WPNMC

Hello lovelies!

I think I'm properly back on the challenge wagon again! I actually did my Pick n Mix nails earlier in the week but it's been a busy time for Aussie Indie releases too so there's been lots of swatching and editing to do.

Floral stamping | Ulta3 Watercolour Marine Blue | Lilyanna 06

Swatches & Review: Two Birds Lacquer Valentines Day Duo


I have another post for the lovers today, with the limited edition Valentines Day Duo from Two Birds Lacquer. After the jump you'll see the pink extravaganza that awaits, but first, take a few minutes to listen to the favourite love song (and inspiration when naming the duo) of Stacey from Two Birds to get you in the mood.

Swatches & Review: Grace-full Nail Polish 'Summer Nights'

Hello out there!

I'm back with more swatches of Grace-full Nail Polish! Today you'll see three from the Summer Nights collection, a little offshoot of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun range that is inspired by the important ladies in creator Theresa's life.

Grace-full Nail Polish Summer Nights

Let's get into it!

Braided and Spotted

Last minute post!

I've been a bit off the nail art challenge radar for a week or so, having been away on holiday since mid-January. But I'm home again and playing catch up and getting prepared for a big month (hint maybe?)

So, the Pick n Mix challenge for this week had the two prompts of Fish Braid and Non-Glitter Topper. I've never tried a fish braid before and... what even is a non-glitter topper?

OPI Black Spotted of course!