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I swear it's aqua - #52WPNMC

2015 greetings!

I wish I could say I've been absent because I've been busy relaxing my face off to start the year but sadly I was back at work early. I'm talking January 2nd early. But of course I've still been doing my nails and have so many exciting things to show you over the next few weeks.

First up though, Pick n Mix nails! This weeks prompts were Dotting Tools and Pink & Aqua.

I got the pink bit done without a problem using You Saved My Life from Emily de Molly:

Emily de Molly - You Saved my Life | Pink scattered holo

All I had to do was add some aqua to satisfy one prompt. Easy, right?


Somehow aqua cremes are like Bigfoot in my collection - their existence isn't proven, but I'm sure there have been sightings. I finally found a L'Oreal in my destash pile that was the closest I had to true aqua and got dotting.

Halo dotted nail art

Well, I tried. That putrid greenish grey you see in the halo/donut dots is meant to be aqua. No wonder it was in my destash pile. It's truly awful! I tried to rescue the mani with some little blue dots using Ulta3 Block It Out, which at least brought a nice colour into play.

They can't all be winners I guess!

Despite the putrid L'Oreal I still upcycled my middle nail for a Mix n Match mani for #bomnailartjan - an Instagram challenge run by 3 of my favourite Aussie nail artists: @babsnails, @oliviajade19 and @m_a_tom. Despite the shoddy picture I quite liked the combo. The flakies are ILNP Electric Carnival and they really brought some game to what could have been fairly simple.

Mix & Match/Skittle nail art

This week's InLinkz is a bit of a mix - it's also the linkup for Day 7 of The Crumpet's 31DC2015 which was the Pink & Aqua prompt. Some very nice nails in there so check it out!

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