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Holo on Film - #52WPNMC

Hey peeps!

Time for more nail art with the Pick n Mix challenge for this week. I'm really surprised that so far I've (mostly) been able to sucessfully combine the prompts each week. This week is no different, with Film & Holo coming together for something simple.

But first, a swatch of the gorgeous Orion, a special limited edition from Celestial Cosmetics that was available in November for members of the Celestial's Stars Facebook fan group.

Celestial Cosmetics - Orion

I kept the nail art simple - I used wide nail vinyls to get the same width film reel on each nail but freehanded over the top of the original lines to get them a bit wider.

Film reel nail art #52WPNMC

I dotted in the sprocket holes and filled in random squares with Lilypad Lacquer Queen of Halloween, a beautiful dark berry holo.

Film reel nail art #52WPNMC

I think it turned out nicely!

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