/**/ 2015 - Procrastinating Polishr

Best of 2015 - My Favourite Polish

Hi lovelies!

I'm posting this with just 24 hours left of 2015 - can you believe another year is winding up already? I've had a hard time picking my top polish of the year - there are SO MANY sitting untried and probably just as many still on my wish list that I had to rule out but even then it was tough narrowing it down.

Unsurprisingly my final list is full to the brim with Aussie Indie polish but there's one sneaky US boutique brand that made it in there - can you guess what it will be?

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - New Year

Hi lovelies!

It's a bit of a late post for the current 40 Great Nail Art Ideas prompt, but given the whole Xmas deal that was to be expected, right? Right? Good.

It's actually a prompt I was a little excited about, because New Years Eve holds some special significance for me as it's when I first met my now-husband. So you're getting some nail art and a bit of a story today!

Boxing Day/New Year Indie Polish Sales Guide

Hi lovelies!

It's creeping ever so close to Christmas, which means it's also almost time for Boxing Day sales! For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of Boxing Day, it's a tradition in Australia (and some other countries) where shopping centres - and now online stores - have massive post-Xmas sales which often sees customers in fist fights over who gets the last GHD straightener at 65% discount.

OK so maybe it's nothing to do with physical violence, but it's essentially our version of Black Friday sales and it's kind of a big deal. Because I know you all love a polish sale, I'm listing all the Aussie Indie Boxing Day sales in one handy place to do my duty as an A+ enabler.

Just don't blame me when your credit card bill arrives, k?

Best of 2015 - Paint All The Nails!

Hi lovelies!

Today I'm rounding up one of my personal highlights of this year - joining up with an amazing and lovely group of ladies for a series of monthly nail art linkups, known as Paint All The Nails. It has challenged me, inspired me, and has been super fun to come up with nail art every month with such a great group!

Best of 2015 - Most Popular Posts!

Hi lovelies!

Christmas is actually around the corner, and I'm having a bit of a blogging break so I can spend some time with friends and family. That doesn't mean I'll leave you hanging - I've got plenty scheduled through until the end of the year! Today I'm kicking off my Best of 2015 series, looking back at my most popular and favourite posts, polishes and nail art of the past year. Ready to see what my most popular posts of 2015 were?

Paint All The Nails: Secret Santa Edition!!

Hi lovelies!

Today feels like Christmas has come early! The amazing Paint All The Nails gang that I'm lucky enough to be part of have banded together this month for an epic Secret Santa Edition of our monthly linkups!

What does that mean? Well, our wonderful organiser Emily of Very Emily randomly assigned each of us another member to recreate the nail art of - just wait until you see who I was assigned!

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Winter

Hi lovelies!

I'm so late in posting this, but I thought I'd put it up anyway - after all, I actually did paint my nails all wintery-like in the sweltering Australian summer heat!

I did a silly, silly thing on Saturday morning - I dropped my laptop. Fully dropped onto hard tile floor from at least two feet. I thought it was dead for a while, but the handyman in me eventually took over and pulled the battery out, unscrewed the base and fiddled with the innards. Post-fiddling, everything seems to be working OK and after backing everything up yesterday I was game enough to run Photoshop and get editing. And here we are! 

Quickie! Glittering Elements - Elektra

Hi lovelies!

Time for a thank-god-it's-almost-Friday quickie! I recently got my first Fanmade With Love box, a subscription box full of predominantly handmade and artisan pop culture goodies. The November theme was Bad Ass Bitches so no way I was going to pass it up, and it paid off big time!

As I was gleefully unwrapping all the goodies, amongst them was this amazing raspberry polish from Glittering Elements! Inspired by the kickass assassin Elektra, this stunner is full of ruby glitters and a wicked holographic sparkle. 

Two smooth and perfect coats, plus top coat. This polish gets a major YAS KWEEN from me!

If you want to know more about the Fanmade With Love subscription box, visit the Facebook page or Bigcartel store.

Check out Glittering Elements via the Facebook Group.

Bettie Pain Polish - Science Fiction collection

Hi lovelies!

I have a collection to share today that I am SUPER excited about! When Megan from Bettie Pain Polish contacted me with the offer to swatch her new Science Fiction collection I just about fell outta my chair! I'm a long time stalker admirer of her Instagram @snowglobenails and have been equally enamoured with her polish line.

The newest release is inspired by Megan's favourite sci-fi movies - but you absolutely don't need to be a fan of sci-fi to love this collection, I promise! If you do happen to be a fan, then you'll love how these are packaged - each comes with a quote from each movie attached to the bottle. I love special touches like that!

2015 Xmas Gift Guide Part 2: Pretty Pastels

Hi lovelies!

I pushed this post back a little so I could get those gorgeous Powder Perfect swatches up before the presale discount ended, but don't worry - there's still plenty of time to get your gifts sorted for the holidays!

Today I've found my favourite pastel gift ideas and have them all here just for you! Whether you're shopping for friends or family, or need to drop a hint by strategically leaving a browser window open so your nearest and dearest can see I hope you find something perfect here!

Powder Perfect - Castle collection

Hi lovelies!

Would you believe only two weeks after releasing the gorgeous Quest for Paradise part II, Powder Perfect have six more amazing shades to tempt you in the lead up to Xmas? It's true, and today I have a gorgeous range of cremes and shimmers that make up the Castle collection - get your credit cards ready!

Before we get stuck in, here's an introduction to the collection from Powder Perfect:

"I noticed, first, the dust motes dancing in the light as I walked through what must have been the library. The carpets had begun to fade and ebb away, and items were strewn about as though the last occupants had fled at but a moment’s notice. I found a discarded wax seal on the desk – emblazoned with the family’s crest. A once glorious family, the owners of this house had now faded from local recollection. All that remained was the crumbling shell of their grand home."

2015 Xmas Gift Guide Part 1: Metallic and Monochrome

Hi lovelies!

Seeing as we're now rushing headlong into Christmas, I've put together a few little gift guides to help you get those final gifts for your favourite people. Whether you're looking for an excuse to get your friends and family hooked on nail polish, or just want to give something a little bit different I hope you can find something here to make someone's Christmas a little more special.

Today I've rounded up some of my favourite metallic and monochrome gifts, and over the next few days I'll be bringing out some colour!

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Cartoons & Comics

Hi lovelies!

I'm super excited about the nails I've done for today! Given I did some comic style nails for the geek prompt I went for the cartoon angle this time and did some nails to honour television's own smart, strong, sensual woman - Tina Belcher!

Image via tinabquotes.tumblr.com

Paint All The Nails Presents: Dry Brush!

Hi lovelies!

It's time again - today we paint all the nails! If you're not familiar, every month some excellent blogger pals and I team up to do some themed nail art. This month, we voted in dry brush which I was super excited about as it's one of my favourite techniques! Let's see the results! 

Thanks for the fab banner Valesha! x

HPB Presents: Monochrome Nail Art

Happy weekend pals!

I'm here with my first of two monochromatic nail art looks for this month's Hobby Polish Bloggers linkup, and bundling this one in with Stamping Saturday (which I never seem to post on time...)

Excuse my not so great pictures - I finally had a proper light tent arrive in the mail this week and I'm not totally happy with my light placement and camera settings just yet but I had to snap these and get out fast as there was a MASSIVE spider in my nail room!

Here's what I started with - three thin coats of Rain Dogs from Scofflaw. This was a limited edition shade from early this year and it's utterly gorgeous.

Scofflaw - Rain Dogs

Powder Perfect - Quest for Paradise Part II

Hi lovelies!

Who's ready for a hot summer? With the heatwave hitting Australia this week I'm scoping out prices of portable air con units and longing for a cool breeze (and an even cooler beverage in my hand)!

While I wish I was blogging from a beachfront balcony, I will console myself with the amazing new collection from Powder Perfect - Quest for Paradise, part II! Full of bold metallic shimmers and some perfect cremes, I'm sure you're going to love what's ahead!

Shades of Phoenix - Shades of Potter Part 2

Hi lovelies!

I can never go for too long without mention of Harry Potter, so today I've got some swatches of the recent additions to the Shades of Phoenix 'Shades of Potter' collection. Back in May Teneil released five gorgeous colours that were very autumn/winter appropriate, and this set of four are perfect spring/summer shades!

My favourite part - they water marble amazingly well!

Moonstone Nail Polish 'Long & Lost' collection

Hi lovelies!

I have some seriously fabulous polishes to show you today! Caitlin from Moonstone Nail Polish has created a gorgeous collection of delicately sparkling shades inspired by Florence and the Machine and I have all six swatched and ready to go on your must-buy list.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Jobs

Hi lovelies!

For those who noticed, yes, I've been a little absent this week. I've had some health stuff going on that left me a bit low, so I just didn't have the energy to post anything - every time I wrote something it was half hearted and bland so I stuck to painting and editing. Good news is, I'm finally a little ahead with swatches and the drafts folder is getting stacked!

I pulled myself together in time to do something for this week's #40GNAI prompt - my job! 

Stamping Saturday: Femme Fatale Falling Embers

Hi lovelies!

It's been forever since I joined in for Stamping Saturday but I'm making my comeback! Before we get into that though I've gotta let this swatch take a bit of glory. 

This flippin' magical polish is Falling Embers from Femme Fatale Cosmetics, an utterly gorgeous Beautometry exclusive shade. It's a total chameleon - in the bottle it looks positively purple, but on the nail the blend of shifting pigments give it a glowing burnt plum tint that is to die for.

I'd recommend doing a bit of a google image search if you're thinking about grabbing this. I found it hard to get colour accurate shots - my camera just didn't want to pick up the purple at all, yet the swatch on Beautometry shows it as royal purple which is nothing like what I saw on my own nails. Personally I think these swatches are the most colour accurate, but it is definitely a shifty one.

Stamped flakies with ILNP Luna

Hi lovelies!

Oooooh have I got some sweet stamped multichrome flakie goodness today! Seriously my favourite thing right now. You might have seen me stamping over flakies a couple times already and it's my go-to last minute weekend nail art.

Halloween Horror Mani-thon

Hi lovelies!

It's Halloween, and I'm going to share two of my favourite things with you to celebrate my favourite (non)holiday of the year - nail polish and horror movies!

Every year my husband and I have a horror movie marathon - this year we've got Trick 'r TreatHigh TensionNear DarkPontypool and The Skin I Live In lined up before heading off to see The Green Inferno later tonight. It's a tradition that's led us to the amazing Sleepaway Camp, the dull and overrated Pulse and multiple repeat viewings of classics like Friday the 13th and Halloween.

So here are my recommendations for a fun horror movie marathon, each with a matching polish for those that like to do their nails in front of the TV, or just need an excuse to do their nails one more time for Halloween! I've tried to avoid limited editions and particularly 'Halloweeny' polishes where possible, so let's check them out.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Halloween

Hi lovelies!

Continuing with a week of linkups and Halloween, today is the Crumpet's Nail Tarts nail art linkup for Halloween!

I've saved my favourite for last with what I'm gonna call 'Frankenstein's Quilt' nail art.

Double Stamp All The Nails!!

It's time for another Paint All The Nails linkup, something that is fast becoming one of my favourite days of the month! Myself and some lovely talented blogger pals vote on a theme each month and this month double stamping was the winner!

HPB Presents: Halloween II

Hi lovelies!

I'm got some more Halloween nail art going on today with a cute and kooky and slightly spooky ghostly mani! Ever feel like you've got eyes on you no matter where you turn?

HPB Presents: Halloween!

Hi lovelies!

This month the Hobby Polish Bloggers are doing Halloween, which means over the next week there will be dozens of creepy, scary and totally awesome nail art posts for you to enjoy - make sure you check out the linkup at the end of the post.

Halloween isn't really celebrated in Australia - a national disgrace IMO - but nothing will stop me from needing all the Halloween polish and getting a few Halloween inspired looks on my nails!

Halloween Nail Art | gradient dotticure

'Fixing' Nail Fails with Hex Nail Jewelry

Hi lovelies!

I was so excited about how this stamped look was coming together. The beautiful sparkling brown micro glitter looked perfect with metallic teal and I'd even managed to line up the image on my nails.

Then... one slip of the hand and it's a mess. Tantrums ensue, four letter words are exclaimed and the right hand reaches for the remover.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Geek

Hi lovelies!

Ready to get geeky? Because this weekend the Nail Tarts are getting our geek on to fill you with nail art inspiration!

Comic Book Nail Art

Guest post at Serenity Nails

Hi lovelies!

I did some spring time nail art for a guest post over at Serenity Nails today - why don't you head over there and check it out?

Have a fabulous weekend!

Swatches & Review: Moonstone Nail Polish Unforgivable Trio

Hi lovelies! 

Back to nails, and back to Halloween collections today with an utterly stunning trio from Moonstone Nail Polish! You may have seen me nerding out over Caitlin’s Potter themed polishes before and I can’t guarantee there won’t be nerding out again today. 

The Unforgivable trio is inspired by the three unforgivable curses of the Potterverse. Powerful and nothing short of pure evil, the use of an unforgivable curse will land you in Azkaban faster than you can say "mischief managed". I can guarantee your utmost safety from the effects of the curses while using these polishes however, so let's take a look! 

Weekend beauty experiment - Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Hi lovelies!

Welcome to my first weekend beauty experiment! After almost two years of nail blogging I thought it would be fun to mix things up once or twice a month with other beauty and non-nail related posts. I've considered this for a little while (see my OHWTO review) and when Adriana from Irresistible Me contacted me with the offer to try some hair extensions I figured... why not?!

So this is me posing on an overcast day with a rad new haircut that I've wanted for ages. It's the shortest I've ever had it and it's pure excellence. 

Swatches & Review: Shades of Phoenix Vintage Horror Halloween Duo

Hi lovelies!

More Halloween fun today with a classic horror inspired duo from Shades of Phoenix! Last year Shades of Phoenix released the most stunning Halloween duo so my hopes were high this year - and my expectations have been well exceeded!

Wanna see?

Swatches & Review: Glittering Elements - Haunted Australia

Hi lovelies!

No rest for the wicked - I have so many amazing releases to show you this week, kicking off with this spooktastic collection from Glittering Elements.

31DC2015 - Honour Nails You Love - Snowglobe Nails

I'm three days late, but I did it! Challenge completed for the second time - damn it feels good!

Today's nail art is inspired by one of my first nail crushes - Megan from Snowglobe Nails. Her Instagram account is full of chic nail art, flawless swatches and stunning photos. This specific design was from a few months ago and I love it's simplicity.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Hobbies

Hi lovelies!

One challenge finishes, another begins! I'm really excited about this one - a whole bunch of talented nail bloggers, led by the always enthusiastic Debbie (aka The Crumpet), are doing a weekly linkup showcasing some great nail art ideas with a different prompt every Friday. I'm joining in every second week, and don't intend to be posting this late again!

This week our prompt is Hobbies. Now quite clearly my number one hobby is doing my nails, but I also love anything crafty or DIY related so I've done a skittle mani inspired by a few crafts I love.

31DC2015 - Inspired by a Tutorial - Tie-Dye

Welp, I know I'm behind and it should be the final day already but I have polish overload happening. Which is a good thing - there are SO MANY amazing releases I'll be posting over the next week. Get excited!

But I'm committed to finishing this, even if it is a bit late. Today was inspired by a tutorial for some sharpie tie-dye nails done by @lolitapainted on Instagram and... well... I'm not so good at sharpie nail art.

31DC2015 - Inspired by the Supernatural - Boo!

I could not come up with an original idea for this prompt so I went a bit left field. Well, left field in relation to the prompt anyway.

Despite my fondness for horror movies and the like, I'm really not fussed with either 'the supernatural' as a concept or the TV show Supernatural. Super Mario Bros though? Very fussed about that.

31DC2015 - Inspired by a Flag

I thought I'd be a little less literal today and actually just go with 'inspiration' rather than 'recreation' which is my downfall when it gets to this part of the challenge.

So I took my inspiration from the proposed International Flag of Planet Earth and did a simple spotted blue and white look as a bit of a breather between yesterday's epicness and tomorrow, which I'm really excited about!

31DC2015 - Inspired by Artwork - David Lynch

Uhhh you guys, I think this is my favourite thing I've ever done!! I am OBSESSED with these nails!

Maybe it's partly because less than 48 hours ago I had hit a complete wall for this challenge. I was behind, had no inspiration, basically wanting to punch the fashion prompt in the face and was actively dreading the final run.

But now I'm on a total high, because look!

31DC2015 - Inspired by a Pattern

Finally I have some nails I'm excited about showing you! 

I think this is my favourite 'Inspired by' prompt - it had me spending hours on Pinterest and I've ended up with dozens of new ideas and bits of inspiration for more nail art, so yay!

31DC2015 - Inspired by Fashion - Burberry

Fashion. Lol.

I don't get fashion. One month it's all about pants that look like pyjama pants, 6 months later everyone walks out of the house looking like they took a giant poop on their way out the door. Double denim is alternately the biggest crime against fashion and the hottest new trend. I'm not buying any of it. Fashion can just go right ahead and get off my lawn.

Anyway, I may not like fashion and seasonal trend BS, but I do love me a good pattern. The classic, always-copied Burberry style is one I've always liked - since long before I even knew Burberry the brand was a thing.

31DC2015 - Inspired by a Book - Shades of Grey

Before you think I read trashy Twilight fan fiction let me cut you off right there with a big ol' NOPE.

This hot mess of a mani is inspired by Jasper Fforde's Shades of Grey, a witty speculative fiction novel about a society where social class is determined by the ability to perceive colour.

Negative Space All The Nails!

Hi lovelies!

I know I'm already in the middle of 31 days of nail art, but why on earth would I let that get in the way of doing another linkup with the lovely ladies of Paint All The Nails? This is my second time joining the fun and this month's theme (as you may have guessed) is negative space!

31DC2015 - Inspired by a Movie - Cabin in the Woods

Today I continue my commitment to 'practice over perfection' with some more freehanding and my first foray into acrylic paints!

So my movie inspired nails are four items found in the cellar of The Cabin in the Woods. If you haven't seen it... well this post likely won't make much sense, sorrynotsorry. 

31DC2015 - Inspired by a Song - Cream on Chrome

Uh oh, late post! Not even because I'm behind in doing my nails, but because I forgot to schedule this one!

Cream on Chrome isn't combination I'd have considered trying without a specific reason, but It turned out kinda cool huh?

31DC2015 - Inspired by a Colour - Green Man

Are there any other It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans out there? I love TV shows about terrible people being awful to each other in hilarious ways so naturally I was hooked from the start... which was what, 8 years ago? And it's still going!

Sheesh, digress much? I know today's prompt is meant to be inspired by a colour, but when I have a colour called Green Man, from a collection of Always Sunny polishes, you KNOW I'm gonna run with that.

31DC2015 - Water Marble

Ahh water marbling, the mortal enemy of many nail art lovers!

I spent countless hours over the years trying to get an acceptable water marble before discovering the real secrets thanks to this brilliant post over at More Nail Polish! It is honestly the most helpful post I've ever read on water marbling, you should really check it out.

31DC2015 - Galaxies

I've had the idea for a green galaxy floating around in my brain for a while now and I'm so excited with how it turned out!

Galaxy nails are always fun to do - they're fairly easy but look amazingly detailed and inevitably draw lots of questions of "where do you get your nails done?".

31DC2015 - Half Moons

After a wasted hour on some total fail half moons, I've ended up loving my second attempt more than the idea of the first ones anyway!

These are inspired by Lucie from Lucy's Stash - she's done a lot of beautiful intricate half moons, and while mine aren't a patch on her talent I think they look pretty great regardless!

31DC2015 - Glitter

I was kind of at a loss when trying to come up with ideas for my glitter nails for today.

I immediately ruled out glitter placement because, as a wise woman once said - "ain't nobody got time fo' dat". So I kept it simple with a sublime micro glitter and jazzed it up with... more glitter!

31DC2015 - Geometric - Triangles, of course!

Yes! It's geometric day! Every day should be geometric day!

Unsurprisingly, I did some triangles. I love triangles the way most people have a favourite colour. They are my default setting.

31DC2015 - Delicate

Delicate schmelicate. My most dreaded prompt. Delicate I am not.

As a decidedly non-delicate person, I still thought it would be a great idea to freehand a design rather than use a stamping plate, because ... facepalm.