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Swatches: Shades of Phoenix Fires

Hello again!

Three more pretties from Shades of Phoenix to show you today, sisters to a special polish released a few months ago called Wildfire

Swatch by Bettina Nails via Shades of Phoenix

I didn't get Wildfire when it was released because of the whole pink aversion, but I was excited to see more colours released in the same kind of formula. Double that excitement when I saw one of them was in one of my most loved colours - green!

The Fires all contain a mixture of silver holo and black micro glitters, and holo squares in the same colour as the base. I found the concentration of glitters was slightly different in each bottle but all were easy to apply. All swatches have one coat of Rainbow Honey top coat.

I'm going to stick with the alphabetical order again today because that's the way I roll.


Shades of Phoenix - Freshfire

Freshfire is a vibrant baby blue. Unlike the others I'd probably call this a crelly rather than a creme - I needed three coats for opacity as it's the sheerest of the three I tried and you do get the nice layered glitter look you get with crellies. Freshfire also had the highest concentration of glitter of the three.

Shades of Phoenix - Freshfire

Strangely enough, despite my love for blues this is my least favourite of the three. I think the black overwhelms the colour so it loses a bit of what makes the others so beautiful. I'd love to see some more silver and sparkle.

Shades of Phoenix - Freshfire


Shades of Phoenix - Rawfire

Squeeee green! I love these light grassy green shades so much so this was bound to be my favourite of the bunch. On the nail it did not let me down - this borders on a 2-3 coater, I did 3 for photos but for daily wear 2 would be enough.

Shades of Phoenix - Rawfire

 The glitter concentration is perfect, the formula equally so. I love that the squares don't match the base perfectly and are like little treats floating on the nail.

Shades of Phoenix - Rawfire


Shades of Phoenix - Soulfire

This earthy orange was a bit of a surprise package. In the bottle it appeared like a dirty burnt orange so I was apprehensive, but I loved it on the nail. Still very much a burnt orange but a really flattering tone on my skin and easily opaque in two coats. I feel like an extra might have increased the intensity of the colour and I was really happy with how it looked at two.

Shades of Phoenix - Soulfire

Again I thought the glitter concentration here was perfect - the holo glitters really bring Soulfire to life. Gorgeous formula with this polish too, smooth and easy.

My closeup below isn't quite colour accurate, but I didn't want to edit it into oblivion or leave it out.

Shades of Phoenix - Soulfire

My favourite thing about this release is that it gives you options. So often I see a unique polish that looks amazing but just isn't my colour and find myself wishing for more options. With the four Fires you have that choice, it's something I hope to see more of!

The Fires are available now at Shades of Phoenix for $9.95 each, with the polish that started it all, Wildfire, available in a mini 9mL for $7.50


*The abovementioned products were provided by Shades of Phoenix, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information.

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