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Camo Nail Art & Shades of Phoenix


I'm feeling so organised this week having actually done nail art with time to spare for this weeks Pick n Mix challenge. Here's hoping I can keep this up!

This week the two prompts were perfect for combining, but I firstly want to show you the plain swatch of the polish I used as the base/accent of my mani because it's fantastic.

Shades of Phoenix - The Secret of the Ooze

The Secret of the Ooze is a relatively new polish from Shades of Phoenix, from the Bloggers Who Inspire collection. This one was inspired by Kaz of Pretty Random, also known for her amazing polish creating skills with Pretty Serious.

The polish is a murky dark green jelly base overflowing with a complete rainbow of tiny flakies that are smooth and easy to apply. Primarily they flash pink, lilac or blue, but you'll see so much more. I did three thin coats for opacity and maximum flakies.

Shades of Phoenix - The Secret of the Ooze

Flakies and green means a happy Jae, and executed this well means a lot of oohs and aahs whenever any kind of light hit my nails. I wasn't quite ready to remove it when it came time to do my camo nails so I just went with some camo colour blocking instead!

Camouflage Nail Art

I wasn't much looking forward to camo nails - it's so very late 90's mid-teen fashion for me. Half a nail was more than enough.

For a design I don't like it bums me out that it's SO easy to do. Paint your base, then use a dotting tool to blob some messy short lines of colour on, layering them a little as you go. I can't imagine being able to mess this up.

I taped off half my nail before doig the design then once I was done added a black stripe for a bit of definition. The other colours I used are Essence Cafe Ole and The Green and The Grunge, Essie School of Hard Rocks and China Glaze Street Chic.

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  1. Your nails look great!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful mani with us!