/**/ December 2014 - Procrastinating Polishr

So long, 2014!

Hello again!

Squeezing another quick post in with my New Years Eve nails, I managed to throw some nail art together this morning that's been making me happy all day. Actually, I think it may be the fact that I did these while sitting in a bathtub of cold water that makes me happy, it's ridiculously hot here so it was nice to cool down and do my nails without completely flipping out.

New Years Eve Nail Art

Purple dotticure - #52WPNMC


Not even two weeks after my purple overload, I'm back with .... MOAR PURPLE! Lucky I have approximately a bazillion purples, because this week for the Pick n Mix challenge our prompts are Dots and 3 shades of purple. It was unavoidable!

Purple dots nail art

Swatched: Indigo Bananas - Reign

Hey there!

I was looking through some recent swatches and found this gem from Indigo Bananas and thought it deserved a bit of blog love.

Indigo Bananas - Reign

Distressed nail art with Powder Perfect - #52WPNMC

Hi everyone!

Has everyone recovered from Xmas Day feasting and celebrating and/or Boxing Day sales? I had a great day by the pool at my Aunts house for the big day and ordered around 40 new polishes from all the excellent Aussie indie brands that had Boxing Day sales. Much excitement!

I got home last night with enough time to put together a Pick n Mix mani for this week, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Our prompts this week were Grey and Distressed, a combo I am a big fan of.

First up, a swatch of the lovely Secret Passageway from Powder Perfect, which I used as my base.

Powder Perfect - Secret Passageway

Brainwashed by purple - #52WPNMC

Hey heyyyyy!

I don't know what came over me this week. I knew what I was going to do for my Crinkly Tape + Glitter Topper nails, so I sat down to do them. Halfway through I realised I wasn't using the polish I'd planned for the base.

That's OK, I thought, I'll just use a different polish to contrast. But I then didn't. I think the colour purple actually brainwashed me, giving me the purplest nail art I've probably ever done.

Purple glitter nail art 52WPNMC

Holiday chevrons - #52WPNMC

Hi pals!

I've been a bit swatch crazy lately with all the wonderful Xmas collections coming out, but I did sneak in some nail art for this weeks Pick n Mix challenge. Prompts for this week were Red & Gold and Chevrons.

Holiday chevron nail art

Swatches: Shades of Phoenix Fires

Hello again!

Three more pretties from Shades of Phoenix to show you today, sisters to a special polish released a few months ago called Wildfire

Swatch by Bettina Nails via Shades of Phoenix

Swatches: Shades of Phoenix Christmas 2014 collection

Hi everyone!

The countdown is really on, just two more weeks until Christmas! Shades of Phoenix are releasing their Christmas trio tonight and I have swatches of all three to share with you courtesy of the lovely Teneil, the brains behind the glitter.


Shades of Phoenix - Holly Crush

Camo Nail Art & Shades of Phoenix


I'm feeling so organised this week having actually done nail art with time to spare for this weeks Pick n Mix challenge. Here's hoping I can keep this up!

This week the two prompts were perfect for combining, but I firstly want to show you the plain swatch of the polish I used as the base/accent of my mani because it's fantastic.

Shades of Phoenix - The Secret of the Ooze

Swatched: Glittering Elements (my first ever!)

Hey lovely readers!

I have three stunners to show you today from previously untried Aussie brand Glittering Elements. I'd had my eye on one of these and after some excited enabling from my polish buddies I finally placed an order!


Glittering Elements - Adoration

I had decided to get three polishes and Adoration was the last I chose. It's not something I would usually be drawn to but it looked too unique to pass up.