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Swatched: Emily de Holos!

Hi polish lovers!

Today I am bringing you sunshine and happiness courtesy of Emily de Molly, with two amazing holos that have sent me in such a flurry of rainbowy delight I am bowing down to the spectraflair gods once again.

I say once again because I am firmly ambivalent towards most holographic polish. Generally they just don't excite me. Once you've seen a few colours it feels like you've seen them all. Most of those I own have come from What's In-die Box, I think I've actively purchased less than 5 before grabbing these two EDMs.

But you don't care about that. You're here for the pretties, and I don't blame you!

Dead and Dreaming

Emily de Molly - Dead and Dreaming


Look at that colour! Rich, deep and regal, somewhere between eggplant and a black plum. It's Emily de Molly so I probably don't even have to tell you that the formula is gorgeous. I only needed two coats for opacity but I did a third for that dark forbidding depth.

Emily de Molly - Dead and Dreaming

I took these photos in indirect sunlight on a fairly sunny day, and I think the rainbow was captured fairly well. This one isn't loaded with spectraflair but it's definitely a linear holo. I think the balance is just right - too much holo rainbow and you'd lose that killer purple.

Emily de Molly - Dead and Dreaming

It's love.

Chasing Rainbows

Emily de Molly - Chasing Rainbows

No chasing required - this is pure rainbow. You can't avoid it. I've never seen such a perfect spectrum - every way you turn laser beams of colour bounce off the black base like pure magic.

Emily de Molly - Chasing Rainbows

What makes me love this so much is how space-tacular it is. The holo rainbow could be the rings of Saturn or The Orion Nebula, beaming right there on your nails. It's so effortless.

Emily de Molly - Chasing Rainbows

Has my opinion on holos in general changed much? Well, no. But I do appreciate how spectacular a really good holo can be, and I might be a bit more willing to branch out with a few more colours.

If you have a holy grail holo you think I should try let me know in the comments!

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