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Where did that week go?

Sooo... did the last week disappear into a time vortex? I vividly remember planning to do this mani last Wednesday night, when my new MoYou plates arrived.

Then all of a sudden it was Monday morning and I realised I'd done a bucketload of things, including many sets of nails, but not this one that I'd been planning.

First up, here's a swatch of Delush Polish Master of Disguise which I got recently in a Femme Fatale sale.

Delush Master of Disguise

I bought this partly because it was on sale and partly because I recently decided I need more browns. I'm not in love with it, but I do like it enough to give it another shot. I only used two coats for this swatch and the jelly is a little patchy - hopefully three coats will be the charm.

Anyway, I thought I'd do the mani I had planned for last week's Pick n Mix challenge despite being fairly late. The two prompts last week (sigh) were Brown and Book. I obviously had the brown sorted, and I also had some new MoYou plates to play with featuring hot dogs...

Delush Master of Disguise | MoYou Cookbook 05

Didn't make the connection? That's OK, I feel like my link is somewhat tenuous anyway. My book inspiration is A Confederacy of Dunces, an utterly brilliant and odd tragicomic story of 30 year old Ignatius J. Reilly, a highly opinionated and extremely eccentric slob. Ignatius does love his food, so when he takes a job working as a hot dog vendor (dressed as a pirate, no less) he eats more hot dogs than he sells.

What do you know, I just got my new MoYou plates, including Cookbook 05 featuring hot dogs and fast food - it was meant to be! Except for the whole forgetting to do this last week part.

Before I go, can we take a moment to admire that perfect yellow stamping polish from Nail Stamping Queen? Completely opaque over brown! Colour me impressed.


  1. This polish is lovely. Perfect on you.

    1. Thanks Alinta! I really like browns but never seem to buy them.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was exciting to find a brown jelly, it's a gorgeous polish :D