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Blue Birds Nail Art - #52WPNMC

Hi peeps!

Time for more Pick n Mix nail art, this week using the prompts of Domestic Animals and 3 shades of blue. I knew well in advance what I'd be doing for this week but right now I am horrendously sick so they really didn't turn out as nicely as I'd hoped :( I wouldn't class it as a total fail, just a bit of a disappointment.

The base is Powder Perfect Hidden Well, a gorgeous rich aqua blue with light blue glitters and a bit of iridescent sparkle.

The birdcages are stamped with Messy Mansion plate MM14, using a pale blue stamping polish from Nail Stamping Queen. Finally, the colour blocked border is Moody Blues from Ulta3.

My original idea was to have a full third of each nail colour blocked rotating across the nails but I really messed up my stamp placement. I like to think if I'd been feeling a little better and had a steadier hand I wouldn't have bungled the stamping and done the border a bit neater, but I still think it's a cute little look.

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