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Dark colours and 80's patterns - #52WPNMC

Hey pals!

Once again living up to my procrastinating name, I'm coming in on this weeks challenge on the last day. How did I ever make it through 31 consecutive days of this?? Praise be flexible challenges!

This week for the Pick n Mix challenge our prompts were The 80's and 3 dark colours. You may have noticed that I'm choosing to combine both prompts each week, others are doing a mani for each theme or just one. I decided combining would push my creativity a bit more so we'll see how this keeps up!

Dark 80's pattern nail art with Ulta3 | #52WPNMC

Now the 80's is not a decade known for it's subtlety - fashion was bright and bold and patterns were abstract and frenzied. So I've taken inspiration from a typical 80's print and switched up colours from what would probably have been neon yellow, royal blue and lime green and used a dark teal, royal purple and dark grey.

It was acceptable in the 80's

All the polishes I used this week are from Ulta3, so cheap and so good for nail art! I have a base of  Lily White, shapes in Get Teal and Blackberry Tart and squiggles of It's A Bit Grey.

I do still get an 80's vibe even with the darker colours - there's just something about mashing together shapes and messy scribbles that screams 80's.

Check out what all the others came up with down below!

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