/**/ November 2014 - Procrastinating Polishr

Brushstroke nail art - #52WPNMC

Hi! I'm sneaking in again with a Pick n Mix mani - at least I'm on time this week! I didn't call myself The Procrastinating Polishr for nothing.

It's past my bedtime, so I'll be brief. Prompts this week were favourite brand and brush stroke. I think it took me all week to come up with a favourite brand and even then it comes with qualifiers! I couldn't choose, I could have had a favourite brand on every nail.

Review: Two Birds Lacquer Christmas Collection

Believe it, pals. We are less than 4 weeks away from Xmas! (Blame Futurama for my continued used of Xmas).

Already there are loads of new holiday collections floating around, but this one from Two Birds Lacquer is the first I've tried for 2014 as it was generously provided to me by the creator Stacey. Wanna see what I thought? This is going to be a little picture heavy. I make no apologies.

Where did that week go?

Sooo... did the last week disappear into a time vortex? I vividly remember planning to do this mani last Wednesday night, when my new MoYou plates arrived.

Then all of a sudden it was Monday morning and I realised I'd done a bucketload of things, including many sets of nails, but not this one that I'd been planning.

First up, here's a swatch of Delush Polish Master of Disguise which I got recently in a Femme Fatale sale.

Delush Master of Disguise

Striped, Like a Tiger - #52WPNMC

Hi pals!

Forgive me for not being super enthused today, I'm drowning in my own sweat tonight. It's 9:30pm and it's 30 degrees (celcius... so 86F). AT NINE THIRTY PM! It's been a sweltering weekend and I'm just about over it.

Tiger stripes nail art 52WPNMC

But I finally managed to get some nail art happening for this weeks Pick n Mix challenge and boyyy was it difficult.

Swatched: Black Cat Lacquer - Skin of the Night

Heeyyyyyyy polish pals!

I have so many photos sitting unloved and unedited, I'm making an effort to start giving them a little love. Today, a polish one of my most lusted after international indie brands - Black Cat Lacquer.

Skin of the Night

Blue Birds Nail Art - #52WPNMC

Hi peeps!

Time for more Pick n Mix nail art, this week using the prompts of Domestic Animals and 3 shades of blue. I knew well in advance what I'd be doing for this week but right now I am horrendously sick so they really didn't turn out as nicely as I'd hoped :( I wouldn't class it as a total fail, just a bit of a disappointment.

Swatched: Emily de Holos!

Hi polish lovers!

Today I am bringing you sunshine and happiness courtesy of Emily de Molly, with two amazing holos that have sent me in such a flurry of rainbowy delight I am bowing down to the spectraflair gods once again.

I say once again because I am firmly ambivalent towards most holographic polish. Generally they just don't excite me. Once you've seen a few colours it feels like you've seen them all. Most of those I own have come from What's In-die Box, I think I've actively purchased less than 5 before grabbing these two EDMs.

But you don't care about that. You're here for the pretties, and I don't blame you!

Dead and Dreaming

Emily de Molly - Dead and Dreaming


Dark colours and 80's patterns - #52WPNMC

Hey pals!

Once again living up to my procrastinating name, I'm coming in on this weeks challenge on the last day. How did I ever make it through 31 consecutive days of this?? Praise be flexible challenges!

This week for the Pick n Mix challenge our prompts were The 80's and 3 dark colours. You may have noticed that I'm choosing to combine both prompts each week, others are doing a mani for each theme or just one. I decided combining would push my creativity a bit more so we'll see how this keeps up!

Dark 80's pattern nail art with Ulta3 | #52WPNMC