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Review: Born Pretty Store Mylar Set

Hello lovelies! Today I get to bring you some sparkle courtesy of Born Pretty Store, who kindly contacted me to review some of their nail art products. I wanted to try something completely new to me, so I asked for their mylar set (product no #227) to have some fun with.

Image: Born Pretty Store

Mylar is a transparent and reflective kind of polyester film. When cut into tiny pieces it looks a lot like flakies, and it can be used for glitter placement or built into acrylic/gel extensions. Because I can’t do acrylic/gel extensions, I did some mylar placement nails with my lovely new Shades of Phoenix jellies.

French tip nail art with Mylar pieces
Born Pretty Store: Mylar french tips
To use the mylar pieces I found it was easiest if I picked up a small amount with some tweezers and place it in the lid of the container. This makes it easier to check through the pieces and get rid of any that are too thick or cut down any that are too large.

Mylar placement accent nail art
Born Pretty Store: Mylar stripe accent nail
Once you’re happy with the size of your pieces use a wax pencil or an orangewood stick to pick up each piece and place on the nail. Make sure you are placing onto wet/tacky polish! When you’re done, seal in with a good top coat and you’re ready to go.

Born Pretty Store: Mylar stripe accent nail
Much like with glitter and flakies, mylar also looks amazing with a bit of matte top coat! It tones down the harshness of the reflectiveness and brings out the colour a little more. I definitely recommend going matte.

You can get a 12 pack of small Mylar tubs from Born Pretty Store for US$6.48 in the colours shown at the top of the post. The best thing about Born Pretty Store is that shipping is always free!

You can even use my discount code TGBQ10 for a 10% discount whenever you shop at Born Pretty Store. If you're overwhelmed by the huge selection of products (I know I sometimes am!) you can follow @bornprettystorenailart on Instagram for more nail art inspiration.

*The abovementioned products were provided for review by Born Pretty Store, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information.

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