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Pink (and) gradient - 52 week challenge

Remember last week, where I showed that I was sometimes really rubbish gradients? This week I tried to convince myself otherwise and, ah, nope. Only because this week we have been given the prompts 3 Colour Gradient and Pink to work with and I'm not much for pink.

I’m going to place the blame entirely on my sponge this week. I only had one left and it was a little dusty and kept leaving miniscule bits of fluff on my nails no matter how sure I was that I’d removed it all from the surface before hitting it with polish. It got me all a-fluster.

52 week challenge Week 2 - Stamped over gradient nail art

Enter stamping! I didn’t even use EDM09 this time, I branched out to Messy Mansion plate MM14 and some brilliant stamping polish from Nail Stamping Queen to hide my messy blending.

The gradient is splodged together with Mckfresh Nail Attire Cerulean, Baby!, Ulta3 Pink Peony and Sea Siren Cosmetics Code Purple. At least the colours are delightful.

Because I was feeling all sad about my gradient skills I decided a few days later to tackle the Pink prompt anyway. I bought this lovely pink glitter Aurora from Bella Belle Nail Couture a little while ago convinced that I would one day make pink work for me.

Belle Belle Nail Couture Aurora nail art

I am actually really happy with the result! I used two coats over Ulta3 Pop Art, though I'm pretty sure it would have been opaque in three coats alone. I striped down the middle with Pop Art to break up the glitteriness a little. I definitely prefer this simple pink look to my gradient skills at the moment.

 So, who has sponge tips for gradients? Do you find any specific type works better for you?

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