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Batman inspired - #52WPNMC

Hey guys! I'm pretty pleased with myself getting this week's Pick n Mix nails done before the weekend hits. It's been an off kinda week for me with a bout of tonsilitis and a serious lack of nailspiration.

This weeks prompts are The 1970's and Grey + Colour. I was stumped. Nothing about grey says 70's to me - it seems like it was a very autumnal decade. Last night I just painted my nails grey with Sally Hansen Wet Cement and let things sit.

Then this morning when I was getting ready for work I spotted my bat decals.

#52WPNMC 70's Batman inspired nail art

Yep, BATMAN nails. I love the way inspiration strikes when you least expect it. Luckily for me after some Googling around I discovered Batman in his grey suit/blue cape/yellow accessories incarnation existed all the way through the 70's so I figured that tenous link was good enough!

#52WPNMC 70's Batman inspired nail art
OK yeah, it's not a Batman decal, but it's a bat dammit! 
On my base of Wet Cement I added Revlon Indigo Night and Maybelline Urban Lemon in a bit of a slapdash freehand way, and added my bat decal which came from Celestial Cosmetics.

Self-five for this one!