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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween spooky pals!

Not too many words from me today, as typing with these suckers is damn difficult. BUUTTT I am super super exicted that I finally did some damn zombie nails! YEAH!

Halloween Zombie Nail Art

Swatched: Gloss n Sparkle - Hail to The King

Hi pals!

I've been swatching and wearing a whole lot of my untried indies this month and these two from Gloss n Sparkle definitely needed some blog love. Both are from Part I of the Hail to The King collection - 8 polishes and 3 nail care items inspired by the books of Stephen King.

Rose Madder

Gloss n Sparkle - Rose Madder | Swatch

Rose Madder is a gorgeously juicy berry red jelly with a mixture of pink, blue, purple and silver glitters that are so shiny you'd swear they were flashing lights. This polish was an absolute dream to apply, the glitter spreads easily across the nail and the formula is perfection.

Gloss n Sparkle - Rose Madder | Swatch/Macro

I finished my swatch with a coat of fast dry top coat The Shining, one of the nail care items from the same collection. For a polish like this that only needs 2-3 thin coats and isn't very glitter hungry it was the perfect match, giving a glossy refined finish. But as I've recently learned - must matte all the jellies!

Gloss n Sparkle - Rose Madder | Matte

UNF. I wanna eat it with a spoon. I am finding myself wanting to reach out and stroke the image on my screen but that's potentially leading me down a strange path. Let's move on then!

A Face In The Crowd

Gloss n Sparkle - A Face In The Crowd | Swatch

I say it all the time, but I'm just not a pink girl. I say it, then I wear something pink and I go "ooooohh pretty!!" and forget I ever had an opinion on the matter. Because I have it in my head that I'm not a pink girl I don't buy a lot of pink polish, but the swatches I'd seen of A Face In The Crowd showed it leaning very coral so I thought I'd give it a shot. 

To my surprise when I got it on my nails it was almost neon, and very much a pinkish coral. But of course, my reaction was "oooooohhh pretty!!" and to gaze lovingly at my hands. 

Gloss n Sparkle - A Face In The Crowd | Macro

Along with the obvious glitters in pink, purple and silver there is also a subtle iridescent sparkle that was hard to capture. It was also difficult to capture the colour accurately given the vivid glow, the full mani shot is closer to real life than the closeup. 

This was another bang on formula, no dragging and easy application with the bonus of only needing two coats.

I'm really impressed with both of these and I do need to go back and buy some more - not only is there the rest of this collection, but there is a Part II with another NINE polishes. So many options!

You can shop both collections on the Gloss n Sparkle website, or via one of their international distributors.

Batman inspired - #52WPNMC

Hey guys! I'm pretty pleased with myself getting this week's Pick n Mix nails done before the weekend hits. It's been an off kinda week for me with a bout of tonsilitis and a serious lack of nailspiration.

This weeks prompts are The 1970's and Grey + Colour. I was stumped. Nothing about grey says 70's to me - it seems like it was a very autumnal decade. Last night I just painted my nails grey with Sally Hansen Wet Cement and let things sit.

Then this morning when I was getting ready for work I spotted my bat decals.

#52WPNMC 70's Batman inspired nail art

Swatched: Shades of Phoenix 'Witches New Year' collection

With Halloween so close I figured I should start sharing swatches of the few collections I've picked up this year. First up is a dark and sparkly duo from Shades of Phoenix.

Sunset on Samhain is the beginning of the Celtic New Year. The old year has passed, the harvest has been gathered, cattle and sheep have been brought in from the fields, and the leaves have fallen from the trees. The earth slowly begins to die around us. - via Shades of Phoenix

All swatches are three coats with top coat.


Shades of Phoenix - Samhain | Swatch

Pierre Cardin inspired nail art - #52WPNM

Going back to the 1960's today and getting inspired by one of the greatest fashion designers of all time for the 52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge!

This weeks prompts are 1960's and matte/textured so I immediately thought of 60's fashion - plugging that into Google was great fun, especially when I came across my new favourite designer - Pierre Cardin. He's all about bold colours and geometric shapes - yes please!

Pierre Cardin Cosmos Nail Art 52WPNM

Review: Born Pretty Store Triangle Rhinestone Set

Hey polish pals, I have another nail art post courtesy of Born Pretty Store for you today! Of the two product I was sent to review, these triangle rhinestones (product #4112) are something I definitely would have purchased at some point due to my everlasting love of all things triangular.

Pink (and) gradient - 52 week challenge

Remember last week, where I showed that I was sometimes really rubbish gradients? This week I tried to convince myself otherwise and, ah, nope. Only because this week we have been given the prompts 3 Colour Gradient and Pink to work with and I'm not much for pink.

I’m going to place the blame entirely on my sponge this week. I only had one left and it was a little dusty and kept leaving miniscule bits of fluff on my nails no matter how sure I was that I’d removed it all from the surface before hitting it with polish. It got me all a-fluster.

52 week challenge Week 2 - Stamped over gradient nail art

Swatched: Sayuri Nail Lacquer 'Otherworldly' collection

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win the stunning new collection from Sayuri Nail Lacquer, just for being a member of the Facebook fan group, Sayuri Sweethearts!

Due to the nail art frenzy that consumed September I only got around to properly swatching them recently, so here they finally are for you to lust over.

Dark Intent

Sayuri Nail Lacquer - Dark Intent swatch

Review: Born Pretty Store Mylar Set

Hello lovelies! Today I get to bring you some sparkle courtesy of Born Pretty Store, who kindly contacted me to review some of their nail art products. I wanted to try something completely new to me, so I asked for their mylar set (product no #227) to have some fun with.

Image: Born Pretty Store

Mylar is a transparent and reflective kind of polyester film. When cut into tiny pieces it looks a lot like flakies, and it can be used for glitter placement or built into acrylic/gel extensions. Because I can’t do acrylic/gel extensions, I did some mylar placement nails with my lovely new Shades of Phoenix jellies.

French tip nail art with Mylar pieces
Born Pretty Store: Mylar french tips
To use the mylar pieces I found it was easiest if I picked up a small amount with some tweezers and place it in the lid of the container. This makes it easier to check through the pieces and get rid of any that are too thick or cut down any that are too large.

Mylar placement accent nail art
Born Pretty Store: Mylar stripe accent nail
Once you’re happy with the size of your pieces use a wax pencil or an orangewood stick to pick up each piece and place on the nail. Make sure you are placing onto wet/tacky polish! When you’re done, seal in with a good top coat and you’re ready to go.

Born Pretty Store: Mylar stripe accent nail
Much like with glitter and flakies, mylar also looks amazing with a bit of matte top coat! It tones down the harshness of the reflectiveness and brings out the colour a little more. I definitely recommend going matte.

You can get a 12 pack of small Mylar tubs from Born Pretty Store for US$6.48 in the colours shown at the top of the post. The best thing about Born Pretty Store is that shipping is always free!

You can even use my discount code TGBQ10 for a 10% discount whenever you shop at Born Pretty Store. If you're overwhelmed by the huge selection of products (I know I sometimes am!) you can follow @bornprettystorenailart on Instagram for more nail art inspiration.

*The abovementioned products were provided for review by Born Pretty Store, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information.

31 Day Challenge - Day 29-31 Roundup

With a large sigh of relief, the 31 Day Challenge wrapped up earlier this week! I finished!

I won't say there weren't a few days where I thought I might sneakily skip the prompt or stop altogether, but then I would see other people start posting and I'd head off in search of inspiration again. 

Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural

31 Day Challenge Inspired by the Supernatural

I was feeling completely uninspired by this prompt. I really struggled with ideas. I didn't want to do anything to Halloween-y, I never watched the TV series Supernatural, and with the next two prompts being to recreate someone elses nails I wanted to be somewhat original.

I ended up with a midnight graveyard scene with some unidentified shadowy beings hanging around. I'm mildly happy with how they turned out but I was let down by my matte top coat shrinking within minutes of application. Grrr!!

Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial

31 Day Challenge Inspired by a Tutorial

I usually prefer pictorial over video tutorials, however I took to Youtube for this mani inspired by the lovely Tammy aka @ohmygoshpolish. I like that she keeps her videos short and easy to follow - nothing more annoying than fast forwarding through 5 minutes of talking through applying a base colour. 

Anyway I think this is a really cool look - I love dots on dots and the mix of dakrs and brights. I used two of the Maybelline Bleached Neons and my go-to mega dark blue Essie Bobbing for Baubles

Day 31: Honour Nails You Love

31 Day Challenge Honour Nails you Love

It took me a long time to decide on what I'd do for this prompt. There are so many incredibly talented nail bloggers ad nail artists that narrowing it down to one thing to recreate was quite a task! I eventually remembered my Pinterest boards and spotted this dotted pattern from Manicurity that I fell in love with many months ago. 

In the end I chose this design simply because this is something I could see myself wearing. It's fun to push yourself and come up with out there nail art, but I always appreciate a super-wearable look that will still catch the eye.

Congratulations to everyone that made it through this year! 

Swatches & Review - Shades of Phoenix 'Sophisticated Simplicity'

Hi polish pals! Today I have some swatches of three recent additions to the Shades of Phoenix range to show you. I’ve been sitting on these for a while due to the hectic schedule of the 31 Day Challenge, but you may have seen me use them in some nail art during the challenge.

These lovely sparkling jellies are from the Sophisticated Simplicity collection, developed by Teneil as a gateway drug polish to the world of indies. This range has all the essentials for a nail newbie – the classic red, your-nails-but-better peach, an elegant grey, moody blue and the sweetest blush pink.

Image: Shades of Phoenix

I picked up Knight in Shining Armour and Midnight Sky because greys and blues make me weak at the knees, and the stunning red Rouge because it looked too perfect to pass up.

Knight in Shining Armour

Shades of Phoenix - Knight in Shining Armour

This was the one I had to have. I adore grey, and this soft jelly is elegant and understated. You could layer this over a grey or white base if you can't handle the sheer jelly look, but I found that three coats was enough to have no obvious VNL.

Shades of Phoenix - Knight in Shining Armour

Midnight Sky

Shades of Phoenix - Midnight Sky

If you've read my blog before you might have noticed my love of blue jellies. Midnight Sky is joining my favourites for sure. I've already used this multiple times since purchasing it, it's so perfectly dark but still quite clearly a jelly.

Shades of Phoenix - Midnight Sky


Shades of Phoenix - Moulin Rouge

I really only bought Rouge as the third because I don't own a great deal of nice reds. I'm so glad I did because it's probably my favourite of the three I have! Usually red polish makes my hands look a bit off but this shade is that perfect red that manages to tone down the red in my skin.

Shades of Phoenix - Moulin Rouge

The formula on all three I tried was absolutely perfect. Because they are jellies they are sheer, but easily build to opacity in three coats. Best of all they are non-streaky and self-level wonderfully. You also have the option of jelly sandwiches and layering over other polish.

Jelly Sandwich with Knight in Shining Armour

Galaxy with Midnight Sky and Knight in Shining Armour

I think this whole collection is a must have – I’m ordering the peach and pink ASAP to complete my set!

You can purchase these individually via the Shades of Phoenix Bigcartel store here for $9.95 each.

Teal gradient - 52 Week Challenge

I told you it wouldn’t be long - it’s time again for a new nail art challenge! The new 52 Week Challenge run in Crumpet's Nail Tarts group is a flexible mix and match challenge that I’m super excited about!

The 52 week challenge combines the elements of Tri Polish Tuesday and Golden Oldies Thursday - each week has two different prompts, like a colour and a technique. You can either or both of the elements to come up with your weekly look, or you can do one mani to match each. So many options!

This weeks prompts are 2 Colour Gradient and Teal

Teal and Navy Gradient Nail Art

Every time I sit down to do a gradient I forget that 70% of the time I'm really quite rubbish at sponged gradients. Oh well!

Teal and Navy Gradient Nail Art

I so adore this polish from Kester Black though, it's two perfect coats and the ultimate rich teal. Flippin' gorgeous.