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Swatches & Review - Petal Polish 'Petal in America'

Happy Friday everyone! Tonight I'm really excited to show you some beautiful new (and not-so-new) polishes from local brand Petal Polish. This is going to be a bit pic heavy, so prepare yourself.

Petal Polish will be releasing 'Petal in America' - a collection of ten new polishes tomorrow at 12pm and I have two of the ten to show you tonight. The collection was inspired by creator Christine's honeymoon across America and all the local flora that caught her eye. The full range is a stunning rainbow of colour with a range of finishes.

New York Potato Vine

Petal Polish - New York Potato Vine

Soft and feminine are not words I would associate with the word potato. But New York Potato Vine is just that. Here's what Christine has to say about this one:

"Potato vine? What kind of flower is that!?
Our last stop on the trip was New York City - a favourite for us. We stayed in a hotel on Third Avenue, and each day we would walk past an apartment with a display of light purple flowers. The flowers were cascading over the balcony, and depending on what angle you looked at them, you'd either see purple or very pale purple flowers. These flowers are otherwise known as "Solanum Wendlandii" - or a Potato Vine.
This last Petal is another full of our signature sparkle. A light, shimmery lavender base filled with holographic particles that catch the sun at all angles."

Petal Polish - New York Potato Vine

The shimmering glow of this polish is quite beautiful, and the scattered holographic particles plays so well against the sheer soft lavender. Both these swatches were 4 thin coats to reach full opacity. If you don't like your polish sheer I'd recommend using undies for this one. The formula is good enough that you won't have any streaking issues if you do want to wear it sheer. 

Petal Polish - New York Potato Vine

This is one dabbed coat over Ulta3 Lilac Bloom, an almost perfect match. Even with one coat you get a lot of glitter and shine. 

Seattle Dahlia

Petal Polish - Seattle Dahlia

I've been loving brown-leaning reds lately, and this gorgeous burgundy had me weak at the knees before even twisting the bottle open. Before I start swooning, here's the word from Christine:

"In 1913, the dahlia was established as the official flower of the City of Seattle, Washington. You’ll find plenty of dahlias around town – all different colours.
Like Portland, I had too many colours to pick from! So I decided on a deep purple/burgundy variety that I found planted outside an espresso shop in the city centre.
This polish could be described as a burgundy wine colour, glittery with blue, gold, red, silver...  the elegance of this polish, like the flower, comes from its rich, dark hue."

Petal Polish - Seattle Dahlia

I felt like a real grown up wearing this without having to sacrifice my love for wild sparks of colour. Seattle Dahlia has the perfect balance of rich mulled wine base and flecks of gold, blue and silver. When light catches the glitters they shine through the burgundy jelly all vivid and glorious. It left me absolutely awestruck. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this polish.

Both the new shades have excellent formulas - New York Potato Vine is packed with glitter but goes on easily, and Seattle Dahlia applies as luxuriously as it looks. I got a few days wear out of both with no more than some minor tip wear.

These will both be available via Petal Polish tomorrow at 12pm, polishes are $10 each (plus postage). You'll save 10% if you buy 5, or 20% if you buy the full collection! 

While you're there, you can also pick up either of these two lovely discontinued and limited edition polishes.

Apple Blossom

Petal Polish - Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom is extremely limited edition, with only 6 bottles available. The light pink creme is packed with gold and maroon microglitter, small gold hexes and larger maroon hexes. 

Petal Polish - Apple Blossom

I thought this would be a bit girly for my taste but I was surprised - it makes me think of apple and berry baked goods, which is never a bad thing. This dries to a slightly textured finish so it does need a good glitter top coat, or you could wear it textured.


 Petal Polish - Alyssum

With so many black and white glitter toppers around, it was nice to try a pure white for a change. Alyssum is reduced to $6.50 at the moment, and like most simple glitter toppers it's really versatile. Though I couldn't capture it on camera the micro glitters are actually scattered holo particles that will lift up any colour you pair it with.

Petal Polish - Alyssum

My personal favourite pairing was over the minty green of China Glaze's At Vase Value. Definitely my kind of pretty. Both swatches are one dabbed coat.

Make sure you head over to the Petal Polish Etsy store tomorrow to check out the rest of the Petal in America collection! I know I have my eye on a couple more :)

*The abovementioned products were provided by Petal Polish, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information.

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