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31 Day Challenge 2014: Days 15-21 Roundup

Nail artists around the internet will breathe a sigh of relief this week as we enter the home stretch for the 31 Day Challenge. I'm pretty excited about the 'Inspired by' prompts ahead, but lets see what I came up with this week!

Ohhhh this week you guys. It has seen some ugly lows and wonderful highs. Let's relive my Instagram feed!

Day 15: Delicate

31 Day Challenge - Delicate

This almost had me stumped - delicate isn't a style I do a lot of. Stamping plates were my saviour, with China Glaze At Vast Value, Essie No Place Like Chrome and an Essence glitter I forgot the name of. I freehanded some kind of swirly acion on my pointer for the hell of it.

Day 16: Geometric

31 Day Challenge - Geometric

Geometric was meant to be the best prompt, and I was going to have the most amazing geometric nails the world had ever seen! Except I lacked two things - skills, and time.

I tried some leadlight stamping decals on the Monday night which were a massive failure. By the time I finished I wanted to cry, but I was tired and didn't even remove them. So they depressed me all day at work Tuesday. I planned to get home and re-do them but a friend was in town so I had to whip something up quick to cover both Geometric AND Tri Polish Tuesday! I ended up with this sad old rushed looking cling wrap mani, stamped with a few images from Emily de Molly plate EDM03.

Day 17: Glitter

31 Day Challenge - Glitter

Why use one glitter polish when you can use 4? I grabbed my Pretty Serious glitters (Shattered Amethyst, Venomous, Broken Hearted & Dream Weaver) from the Splash of Flash collection, dabbed over Shades of Phoenix Knight in Shining Armour. I couldn't help but try a jelly sandwich too!

Day 18: Half Moon

31 Day Challenge - Half Moon

Well hallelu! I got my mojo back with this mani. I hated hated hated taking it off, it's probably one of my favourite manis - simple and clean while still being vibrant. I carefully applied Miss Ashleigh Where My Witches At? making sure to get some interesting glitters in the half moon area, topped with OPI Vant to Bite My Neck? and lined with Ulta3 Tahitian Lime to make it pop.

Day 19: Galaxy

31 Day Challenge - Galaxy

I love galaxies but almost never do them! I was glad to crank one out again, especially with the amazing bunch of polish I had prepared to do it with. Sayuri's recently released Otherworldly collection was an obvious choice, as well some Shades of Phoenix for good measure.

A rough idea of my layers:

Base: Sayuri Dark Intent, Shades of Phoenix Midnight Sky
Sponged layer #1: Shades of Phoenix Sardine/Earl Grey, Sayuri Evil Desire, Ulta3 Lily White
Sponged layer #2: Sayuri Umbra & Dark Intent, Shades of Phoenix Sardine/Earl Grey (over any white), Ulta3 Black Satin

Totally and completed adore the result. Layering the burgundy Umbra over the deep orange Evil Desire gave the darkened burgundy colour with the pops of brightness creeping through. Starting with a deep blue base and doing some black spots last was an unintentionally excellent choice as I love how the black looks starker against the shimmering galaxy.

Day 20: Water Marble

31 Day Challenge - Water Marble

Ughhhhhh the day of dread! I honestly tested polishes and dragging techniques for over an our before anything even reached my nails. I don't have a lot of new cremes (that I wanted to waste dropping into water endlessly anyway) so it was hard finding polish with the right consistency and opacity. Thank you Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (it's OK, I have 2 backups), Ulta3 Pop Art & On The Green for saving my butt!

I don't hate them - I'm actually pretty damn impressed with myself on the two middle fingers, but the inevitable bubbles and cleanup made me sadface about it. But hey, I think I have the dragging down!

Day 21: Inspired by a Colour

Straight up the strangest prompt in this whole challenge. I decided I was inspired by cerulean, because it's the coolest colour name I can think of. Also, I have this incredible custom from Dead Set Babes that they made me as a surprise for my wedding when I ordered custom gifts for my bridesmaids! BEST! I teamed it with some studs from Emily de Molly because they flash all kinds of cool oil-slick looking colours, as well as Chasing Rainbows, a wicked charcoal holo. For good measure I threw in a stripe of Ulta3 Block it Out, because... MORE CERULEAN!

I can see the end from here! I've even done tomorrow's nails and I'm kind of psyched about them. Oooh-aahh. (That's a miniscule hint)

Catch you soon! x

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