Tri Polish Tuesday - Spotty and Stripey

Striped and Spotted - Tri Polish Tuesday

OK guys, I'm sticking to my nail art guns and am back for round two. I actually think I've dealt with my primary colours aversion pretty well this week. Yes, mostly by using them sparingly, but also because I really like this pattern.

The inspiration for this striped and spotted mani came from a lovely cushion design from Habitat that was featured on the print & pattern blog, which I discovered via Wondrously Polished. I wish I could actually find the source image again but print & pattern update so frequently it's lost in a sea of design. I'll update with a link once I find it though!

Striped and Spotted - Tri Polish Tuesday

I do love how textile patterns lend themselves so perfectly to freehand nail art - it's not about perfection, but just how the lines fall and colours work together. 

Two down, two to go!

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