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Tri-Polish Tuesday - Primary Stripes

What gives, it's been a week since my last nail art post? No, a week since my last post at all??

Oh dear, here are some bright colours to distract you.

Primary Colours

The real reason for my frequent absence is my camera - it's just not shooting well anymore, everything is so grainy and it's not capturing colours properly. I've muddled with as many settings as I'm familiar with but I think it's time to upgrade. My current one was once chewed up by a dog after all.

Aaanyway, after being treated last month with the wonderful combo of pink, green and purple we are now going back to primary! Um wait, not exclamation point. I don't think there is a punctuation mark that sums up my feelings on primary colours. I just don't dig them together. 

That said, I'm enjoying Tuesdays too much to just throw in the towel so I will see August as a real challenge for me to make the most of the colours.

Tri Polish Tuesday - Primary Colours

Plus I can't complain too much I actually had a lot of compliments on these today, the best of all being "where do you get your nails done?". Nothing sweeter to my ears than someone thinking my nails were done professionally.


  1. These are really cool. Kind of remind me of striped candy x

    1. Thanks! I do like the uneven striped look itself, I'd love to try it with more candy like colours.