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Redesign and what's coming up!

Look, I've redesigned again! I stuck with my old dessign for far too long despite not being happy with it at all because I was convinced I would just magic up enough skills to change the elements I didn't like. I'm happier with this look, though I might still tweak it a little.

I now actually have a bit of a plan for my posts so I'm here more frequently. I'll be continuing with Tri Polish Tuesday because it's a bit of fun, and starting a monthly favourites theme where I'll showcase my favourite polishes once a week under a certain colour/type theme. This should run on Thursdays with the first instalment coming this weekend.

Finally, a weekly "what I wore this week" post every Sunday will wrap it all up. Bear with me until I upgrade my camera though - I think it's a dirty lens giving me trouble. Hopefully I'll have a new one in a few weeks.

Hopefully I'll see you around x

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