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Nails of the Week

Hey polish pals! Sunday nights are now home to my Nails of the Week, showing you what I wore this week, and having some general rambles.

So, what did I wear this week?

MONDAY: Nail Art with Femme Fatale Mana Ruby

Colour blocking with Mana Ruby

Freehand colour blocking over this delicious red jelly kicked off the week. Will definitely be trying this look again, the sheer jelly against solid black is right up my alley.

TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY: Tri Polish Tuesday Stripes

Even though I didn't much care for my primary striped nails laziness saw me wearing them for two days, much to the shock of my co-workers. Better start getting some ideas together for the next one!

THURSDAY: All Over You

Bella's Touch Lacquer - All Over You

You'll have seen this stunner from Bella's Touch Lacquer make an appearance in my Top 5 blue jellies yesterday. Completely blew me away, knocked my socks off and rocked my world. Yep, all of that.

FRIDAY: Shades of Phoenix - Sardine

Shades of Phoenix - Sardine/Earl Grey

I changed my nail shape! The first time I've ever had anything but the shape they grow in. I've been having mega peeling and cracking issues lately and I've tried every strengthener under the sun but have only found one that works, and I don't like using it long term. But it's been a while so I'm back on Rejuvacote again and am hoping this shape helps. They do feel a bit tougher not having a flat edge and corners.

The first shade to grace my new nubs was from Shades of Phoenix. I recently grabbed a couple of items from collections I just haven't been able to afford to buy in full. I doubled down on the SoP on Saturday too...


Shades of Phoenix - Selene

Maximum vixen power from Shades of Phoenix for the weekend (of... staying in), Selene is from the Up All Night collection and is a gorgeously squishy but opaque black jelly, with a tonne of sparkle. Perfection.

SUNDAY: Holo power from Love thy Polish

Love thy Polish - Green Eyed Monster

I had to work today so out came the Green Eyed Monster. Fitting for my jealousy towards everyone else enjoying their Sunday relaxing and because I worked outside I got to get the most out of the lovely rainbow you see here. One of the last polishes I purchased from Love thy Polish and even though I'm usually on the fence about holo polish I am glad I got this.

Time to polish up for tomorrow!

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