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Favourite Blue Polish - The Best of the Rest

So far this month I've shown you my favourite blue glitter jellies and my favourite blue cremes. This week, no boundaries! I assure you the best of the rest aren't the discarded leftovers - they're just not particularly straight up cremes or glorious glittery jellies.

This week has been a bit rough in non-blog life, so a lot of these are old swatches. Sorry about that!

#5 Pretty Serious - Crystal Lake

Pretty Serious - Crystal Lake

I love Pretty Serious, and I especially love that the creators are horror movie fans. The Killer Fangirls collection that came out for Halloween last year was a wicked treat for horror and glitter fans alike. Crystal Lake, inspired by the Camp Crystal Lake (home of the Friday the 13th series) is a blue glitter fiesta for your nails. While it sits in a sheer tinted base, I wouldn't call it a jelly. Coverage comes from the incredible glitter density.

#4 Shades of Phoenix - Curiouser & Curiouser

Shades of Phoenix - Curiouser & Curiouser

This one surprises me. I'm not known for my love of pastels, but there's something so beautifully intricate and subtle about this polish that keeps drawing me back to it. The gorgeous creamy base is actually jammed with tiny matte blue glitters and not quite as tiny matte blue and yellow glitters. The kicker? Perfectly opaque in only two coats.

#3 China Glaze - Dorothy Who?

China Glaze - Dorothy Who

Alright alright alright, before I go turning this into another indie love-fest (not that there's aything wrong with that) I present to you the shiniest blue I own - that refuses to be captured on film SD card. The blue and silver glitter in this just won't. stop. sparkling. I'm going to have to attempt some lower light to get any reasonable photo of this one. 3 thin coats will get you this gleaming look.

#2 Moonstone Nail Polish - Bluebell Bubblegum

Moonstone Nail Polish - Bluebell Bubblegum

Wheee, it's time for the dots to take centre stage! You may have seen this before in my post on the Magical Treats collection from Moonstone, but here it is again in all it's glory. That almost-purple crelly base just slays me, and then to fill it with dots is basically just asking for me to flail endlessly.

*** This polish has been discontinued, so go get your mitts on it ASAP! ***

#1 Sayuri - Oh, Horsefeathers!

Sayuri - Oh, Horsefeathers!

Honestly, I wanted to re-swatch this one so badly but I just haven't found the time. This has to be one of the most interesting and unique polishes I own. The combination of colours and shapes gives this the most amazing textured look without the pain of a rough finish. Trust me.

Yes, this is full to the brim with bar glitter. Teeny tiny bar glitter that is delicate as a feather, behaves exactly how you tell it and is tamed by one layer of top coat. My favourite thing about this polish is the yellow glitters - they just seem to sink into the polish, almost like an optical illusion. Oh, Horsefeathers! is a pure stroke of genius polish making that makes me eternally thankful I was introduced to indie polish.

Well, that was the best of the rest! Stay tuned next week, where I will reveal my absolute, definitive, number 1 favourite blue polish. It's amazing, I swear! x

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