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Tri Polish Tuesday - Blue Daisies

Clicking with a bit of bright nail art is such a great way to start the week, don't you think? I'm so pleased that I've finally got this primary colours thing wrapped around my little finger. Also all the other fingers.

Blue daisy nail art

After last week's realisation that Red, Blue and Yellow didn't have mean the traditional primary colours we all learn as little ones (yeah total genius brainwave, right?) I've been able to wrap my head around some better ideas.

Like midnight blue daisies!

Blue daisy nail art

Not that blue daisies was so obvious to me. Sometimes the literal part of my brain tries to dominate the creative side, and I have silly thoughts like "but Jae, blue daisies don't grow from red grass. You fool!".

Blue daisy nail art

Well you know what, literal brain? Too bad. On my nails, dark blue daisies grow on red grass. Just accept it.

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