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Favourite Blue Polish - EVER!

Get excited friends! It's time to show my all time favourite blue polish. I've been waiting all month to show you this, and I can only hope I'm doing this polish justice in my photos.

Are you ready?

Image courtesy of digitalart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
The trophy goes to...

Dead Set Babes - Atlantis to Interzone

Dead Set Babes - Atlantis to Interzone

A dreamy bottom of the ocean blue, packed with aqua, green and fuschia glitters. This is my heaven in a 12ml bottle.

Dead Set Babes - Atlantis to Interzone

I think you could actually drown in this polish. So much depth, so much sparkle. Above - two coats, the second dabbed on. Opaque enough to give you a pretty defined edge, and avoid VNL. Realistically, 2 coats is perfectly fine unless you are a total glitter whore. And I totally am!!!

Dead Set Babes - Atlantis to Interzone

Just do it, top that baby up with a third coat. The glitters look as though they are floating in that squishy perfect blue jelly base. Top it off a layer or two of a good glossy top coat - I used Peita's Polish Quick Gloss Me Up!, topped off with Dead Set Babes Super Glossy Glitter Top Coat for the smoothest finish possible.

Dead Set Babes - Atlantis to Interzone

Anyone surprised I picked a glitter packed jelly for my favourite blue? No? Good!

Want the bad news? This isn't available anymore! I'm sorry! Maybe if you asked nicely, the lovely Babes of Dead Set Babes will make it again? A custom maybe?

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