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Unknown Pleasures

Hi!! I almost didn't think I'd make it here today - I started my nails yesterday and just couldn't make art happen. But first, Before I get carried away, over to Joy Division:

This week the iconic album art of Joy Divisions amazing debut Unknown Pleasures makes it to my nails!

Unknown Pleasures

Source: wikipedia.org
I'm sure most people are familiar with this album art, if not so much the actual album itself (because no, Love Will Tear Us Apart isn't on this one). You won't find tracks Unknown Pleasures gracing radio playlists and 'best songs of all time' lists - it's equal parts doomy, spacious and abrasive. Above all, it is a stunning piece of art.

Unknown Pleasures Nail Art

I used my beloved black Revlon Colorstay Stiletto, Ulta3 Lily White and finished it off with Celestial Cosmetics Anti-Matter matte top coat.

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