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Two Birds Lacquer Cuticle Oil

A little while ago the lovely Stacey from Two Birds Lacquer contacted me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing her new cuticle oils. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity as I love all the polishes I own from this brand, and as a fan of OPI Avoplex (but not the price) I was really excited to try another oil with a pen style brush applicator.

I absolutely love the packaging of the oils - the twist & click end dispenses the product slowly through the brush tip so you have total control over application.

Two scents are available - Lavender or Ylang Ylang - as well as unscented if you prefer. I received one of each scent. The scents are light and fresh, which I found to be a relief with the lavender as I'm not really fond of the smell. You really only smell it if you have your hands near your face and it's not at all overpowering.
The active oils are jojoba and almond oil, both well known for their skin softening and easy absorption properties.

Now before I start showing naked photos I will warn you - yes, my nails are stained! No, my natural nails are not fantastic. I wear polish every day so it doesn't matter one way or the other to me.

Brace yourselves for a nudie shot!

So what have I got here? This is my nails after removing polish. I use a homemade acetone+glycerin mix which is effective while not stripping my nails and skin of too much moisture.

So you can see my index is dry, suffering from a recent episode of peeling and a breakage. General dryness is my biggest issue with my hands - I have dry skin all over plus I work in an air conditioned office all week. My middle finger is not quite as dry but there are hardened spots along the side of the nail bed - future hangnails! My ring finger has a past hangnail all torn up on one side and a big hard formation on the other side. Then my sad little pinky is dry as hell and in need of some care.

After a few twists to get going, I started the slathering. I applied a generous coat around the nail, the used the fine tip of the brush to massage right down in all the crevices. This is why I love the brush tip so much - you don't have to get your fingertips all oiled up to get the product in where it needs to be!

The oil feels quite light and absorbs really quickly, leaving you with beautifully soft skin for hours after application. My routine while trying this out included moisturising approx. 4 times daily (usually 3 times at work, and once with a good heavy moisturiser before bed), and applying the oil 2-3 times a day whenever I felt I needed it, and absolutely always after doing my nails. I always made an effort to properly massage it in at least once a day as I've heard that massaging the nail matrix stimulates growth (and who doesn't enjoy a nice hand massage?).

Eight days later, this is the result:

Again pictured straight after removing polish. My dryness issues are really clearing up - I can't see anywhere near as many nasty white flecks around the sides of my nail. The hardened proto-hangnails are still visible but have softened enough that they haven't split away and become a full blown hangnail. Prevention is better than the cure! 

And that nasty tear on my ring finger?


Gone. Completely repaired. My mind, it is blown.

I am well and truly sold on these oils. I now keep one in my handbag and one at my nail desk, and I will be straight back to the Two Birds Lacquer Etsy store for more as soon as I'm out.

Two Birds Lacquer cuticle oils retail for $6.50 each, with $1.50 shipping within Australia if you're not getting polish (but you really should get some polish, you know you want to!).

*The abovementioned products were provided by Two Birds Lacquer for review, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information. 

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