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Tri Polish Tuesday: Stamped & Marbled

I'm baaaacck! No, I haven't totally bailed on this challenge - my absence last week was hopefully a one time thing. So much life happened that I was a bit "Blog? What blog?" for a few days.

So to make up for it, this week I thought "why don't I do the most difficult thing I can think of and hope like hell it works?". I lie, my actual thought process was "oh, I'll just do a quick water marble" completely ignoring the fact that it was 9pm on a Monday night and water marbling is a ridiculously time consuming technique.

My brain ain't that great on Mondays OK!

The results were... sub-optimal.

Tri Polish Tuesday - July #3
'Just a quick water marble'
Naturally I quick-dry top coated and went to bed to sleep on it. Then today I spied my new Emily de Molly plate and thought I'd give it a try. Except I changed my mind and used a completely different Emily de Molly plate. What I ended up with are, in the immortal words of Cher Horowitz, a real Monet.

Tri Polish Tuesday July #3
No really, take about 100 steps back - it will look amazing!
All the colours are from Ulta3, plus I used Celestial Cosmetics Anti-matter top coat which I'm growing to really love. It has a more waxy than true matte effect that I think photographs beautifully.

Now wanna see what everyone else did?

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