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Swatched: What's In-die Box? July 2014 - Animals!

Beware, vast spoilers ahead! Swatches of the July What's In-die Box below!

If you're unfamiliar, What's In-die Box? (WIB) is a monthly Australian indie nail polish box that features five exclusive limited edition polishes each month, created to suit the monthly theme. This months theme was Animals, and the inspiration pictures left as clues suggested we were in for a colourful month.

Taken from the What's In-die Box Facebook page
I love bright colours so the clues had me excited. But I was truly not prepared for the rainbow I got delivered - prepare your eyeballs!

Glam Polish Tweetie Pie

Glam Polish - Tweetie Pie
This month Glam Polish give us this incredible neon yellow. Not only is is blinding sunshine on your nails, it only takes two coats to reach opacity. *applause!* In my dim house lighting I assumed this would be a straight up holo, but it's not quite. Indoors it's somewhat of a bright metallic yellow with a decent dose of shimmery goodness. Still on colour and formula alone, this gets a big eff yeah from me.

Glam Polish - Tweetie Pie
Direct sun
Take Tweetie Pie outside, and out comes the subtle scattered holo. I love that this isn't a straight linear holo because I think it would kill the incredible yellow. This polish is unlikely to work for everyone, but for me it's a lovely ray of sunshine.

Peita's Polish Clowning Around

Peita's Polish - Clowning Around
Another blinder that is likely to polarise people, Clowning Around is a shimmer packed orange full of matte black and white glitters in a few sizes of hex and circle varieties. The glitters applied easily and sat nicely in the base, meaning a regular top coat was all that was necessary. The base is a lovely workable jelly that builds to opacity in 3 coats. You can see a little free edge in my photo but it was far less apparent in real life.

I do want to try this out over orange undies as well. This is totally unique to my collection, and I quite love it.

Lilypad Lacquer Frogalicious

Lilypad Lacquer - Frogalicious
Unnfff now that is hot pink. I was pleasantly surprised to get something a little different from the traditional holo from Lilypad Lacquer, especially when it comes in hot pink. I think hot pink + holo would have just been too much for me to handle. What we did get is an almost neon base filled with delightful tiny colour shifting flakies. I thought this one deserved the daylight treatment as well.

Lilypad Lacquer - Frogalicious
Direct sun
The predominantly gold flakies also shift to a gorgeous lilac, softening the look of the megawatt pink perfectly. I used 3 coats to get to a good opacity. Frogalicious is beyond what I ever could have imagined, which is why I stick with wearing polish rather than creating it.

Smudged Shake Your Tail Feathers

Smudged - Shake Your Tail Feathers
I am on such a huge blue jelly kick at the moment, and with being on a no-buy low-buy this month I was super excited to get this! This is actually my first polish from Smudged so, uh, way to make an amazing first impression. This is another 3 coater, but with the right undies you could easily do one dabbed coat.

The blue jelly base is thin, but not runny. I didn't have any trouble with pooling - it was really well behaved. The glitters are well dispersed and spread easily, no fishing or bottle shaking needed. The glitters are a stunning mix of green, silver, blue and copper, and there is some ultra fine shimmer in there too. This polish is heavenly - if you're a blue lover it's a must-have. So I guess, keep your eye on blog sales?

Shades of Phoenix Bad Kitty

Shades of Phoenix - Bad Kitty
So while the first four were in no particular order, I have absolutely saved the best for last. Meet Bad Kitty, possibly the most phenomenal green glitter polish I've ever worn.

I first wore this as 3 coats alone - the glitter concentration in this polish is incredible, but the base is a fairly sheer black, so if you're going it alone prepare for careful application. I found it was worth it - look at that depth! It's just stunning. I'll be quite honest though - I didn't even discover the hidden surprise that was waiting for me until I went to work the next day.

Shades of Phoenix - Bad Kitty
Such glitter. So sparkle. Wow.
LOOK AT THE SHINY!!! Waahhhhh there are surprise holo glitters in there that refuse to stop sparkling. It's like Xmas only better! 

This photo is a little different to the first because I went with undies (Models Prefer Money Money) to get a good sparkle shot, as the sheer base is a bit more evident in sunlight. I definitely didn't lose much depth with undies, so I'd recommend using them to get the most wear out of this one.

Shades of Phoenix - Bad Kitty
I'm sorry. I had to. You could play name the colours with this and fill a page. It's just so incredible. 

In summary: amazing box of nail polish is amazing.

Did you get this months box? Tell me your favourite! 

Next months theme is favourite cartoons - order via Peita's Polish here. The usual lineup of Peita's Polish, Glam Polish and Lilypad Lacquer are joined his month by Gloss n Sparkle and Hollish, orders close midday July 31st.


  1. Ohhh Bad Kitty should be called Super Amazing Kitty! Gorgeous pics, thnx for sharing XD

    1. Yes!! It's incredible if you're a green lover, a glitter lover, a super sparkle lover. I say it every time, but I think this might be my favourite box yet :D