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In Our Heads

Oooooooohh boy am I ever excited I pulled this one off! Since the inception of Music Mani Monday I've been terrified of really making a mess of this one, but I think I did it!

But first, a song. I think this video is hilarious - it's so utterly dorky.

You guessed it, this week I have tackled the cover of Hot Chip's album In Our Heads.

Actually the title of the post probably spoiled that right? Anyway less text, more photo!

See why I was so terrified? I'm ecstatic I somehow did this. For reference:

Source: hotchip.co.uk
Yes it took a ridiculous amount of hours and approximately 10 polishes, but damn if it doesn't look amazing! Oh yes, this ain't acrylic paint. It was in another room. Sometimes my laziness knows no bounds.

Listen to In Our Heads via Spotify!

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