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Go Planet! Part 2

Woohoo, back again with part 2 of the Planeteers collection from Mckfresh

On Monday I hinted that my favourite of the set would be here today, but it isn't the one I was expecting it to be - there was a dark horse that came and snatched victory away from all the other gorgeous polishes.

Prepare yourselves, because today is going to get colourful!

Well let's get this out of the way - I would have sworn black and blue that Water would be my number one. Sorry Water, you beautiful blue bottle of glory It's a stunningly bright yet rich blue, packed with glitter and flashes of iridescent beauty, impossible to fault. 

Gi, the other female planeteer held the power of water, and I feel she like was a kind of forgettable character with an awesome power. Creating tidal waves and water tornadoes is probably the power I would have wanted as a kid.

This wonderful green creation is Earth, a superb shade of spearmint goodness. I feel like this was the most subdued of the core 5 element based polishes. As a green fan I really don't need any more - this is totally unique to my collection which is a feat in itself given the number of greens I own.

Earth is the power of Kwame, leader of the five planeteers. Kwame is a pretty chill guy, despite having the responsibility of being the one to get the ball rolling to call in Captain Planet. 

I Am Captain Pollution is a base of gold and yellow glitters with a sprinkle of red. There are some holo green and blue flashes from time to time that give this a bit of spark. I feel like this would be a great subtle festive polish, and I really want to try it out over undies to see if any other colors show themselves. 

Captain Pollution is, you guessed it, Captain Planet's rival and opposite. He thrives on pollution and is hurt by the natural world. Spoilers - Captain Planet and the Planeteers defeat him. Sucker.

Aaaaand here it is, my surprise favourite of the collection! Fire is a wildly shimmering reddened orange that completely blew me away once I got it on my nails. My picture has not done it justice. The jelly base is fiery (duh) and full of an incredible orange/yellow shimmer that positively glows. I don't think I've ever loved and orange polish so much, and to stand out in a collection of colours I was going wild for says a whole lot about how fabulous this shade is.

Funnily enough the character with the power of fire, Wheeler, was always my least favourite. He's American, he's kind of a bro and he's always hitting on Linka. What a douche-canoe.

So, what's your favourite of the collection? Or should I say - How many are you planning on buying? Get your grabby hands ready because the collection is now available via Mckfresh Nail Attire on Etsy, for $10 a bottle. Gooooo Planet!

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