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Glitter Fades

Having had several glitter (or at least glitter heavy) polishes arrive in the last few weeks I've been playing around with one of my favourite simple nail art techniques - the dry brush gradient. I love a good gradient, but more often than not find the cleanup so tedious I avoid them completely.

A dry brush gradient is achievable by just about anyone, and a dense glitter like a micro glitter or glitter topper is the perfect addition to a plain mani. Here are some looks I've worn in the last week.

Celestial Cosmetics - Monocerous + Two Birds Lacquer - silver glitter
Celestial Cosmetics 'Monocerous' + unnamed Two Birds Lacquer glitter
I recently picked up Monocerous, a beautiful blue creme from Celestial Cosmetics and I don't think it even lasted 24 hours in my untried basket. I was feeling like some sparkle though and added a silver glitter fade using a prototype silver glitter* sent to me by Two Birds Lacquer. This is a fairly dense silver glitter (think a slightly less dense version of the uber thick Maybelline Color Show Silver Gleam from the Sequins collection) that easily works as a full coverage polish in 2-3 coats, so I simply wiped the bulk of the polish off the brush and did some careful dabbing starting at the tips working my way down.

OPI - Vant to Bite My Neck + Two Birds Lacquer - gold glitter prototype

In the same order from Celestial I picked up a bottle of OPI Vant To Bite My Neck, this delicious deep purple creme. It lasted in the untried basket 24 hours longer than Monocerous did, because I knew this gold glitter* from Two Birds Lacquer would look amazing in a gradient with it. The gold glitter isn't as dense as the silver was, and works best as a glitter topper. I needed to double up at the tips, but I used the same method as with the previous mani. I really like how the flakes in the glitter stand out a bit more when used this way.

Finally, the mani I wore for a whole two days (!!!), done for the weekly AIPAS theme of summer. This beachy gradient was done using Mckfresh Splice of Life and Water. Because Water is a jelly base it's a bit trickier to get a smooth transition, but as I was going for a beachy shoreline look I didn't worry about perfection.

With this mani the blue doesn't come from total glitter coverage I was careful to wait until the first blue layer was completely dry to avoid any glitter pulling, but it didn't take too long.

Have you ever tried a dry brush gradient? Feel free to link away in the comments!

*Products marked with * were provided by Two Birds Lacquer for review, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information. 


  1. I love glitter gradients. So pretty :)

    1. I kinda love them too :) Also so much easier to remove than a full glitter mani!