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Tri Polish Tuesday - Turquoise Tips

Tuesdays come around so fast when you've dedicated yourself to something on Monday and Tuesday! I don't know how others keep up with multiple challenges at once. Don't get me wrong, I change my nails as often as most people change their underwear, but by the end of the week my busted shoulder hates me for it.

Anyway, I'm feeling like my choice of coral is a bit borderline today. It's leaning much redder in the picture than it does on my nails I swear!

Tri Polish Tuesday - Turquoise Tips and Water Marbling Nail Art

I keep wanting to say I've done something simple here but I know some people would disagree given the water marbling. It's still a simple marble though, and I find slathering my fingers up to the knuckle in a good thick layer of cuticle balm makes cleanup heavenly - not to mention the good it's doing for me at the same time.

The turquoise tips are just freehanded on with a striper brush - when there's marbling to be done ain't nobody got time to be taping up fingers!

As usual, more beautiful Tri Polish manis below!