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Tri Polish Failday

It's a new month, so new colours for Tri Polish Tuesday! How did my excitement over the potentially excellent combination of Nude, Coral and Turquoise turn into such a disappointing pile of bleh?

I don't know, but it did. I had such a great picture of what I would do in my head... nude nails with alternating turquoise and french tips. Simple, right? Nope. No tip guides, and my severe inability to estimate the length of my free edge left me with a big sloppy mess.

I then tried stamping but hadn't waited long enough for my base to dry. I tried candy stripes but only had a short striper which made messy lines.

So I went with some trusty old freehand shapes. Can't go wrong with those!

Except I went for the matte top coat. Bad Jae! Why bad me? Because my matte top coat seems to be filled with invisible lumps that dry white (see pointer and pinkie). It made my stunning turquoise polish too pastel blue, and has terrible protection from wear - it looks like I've had this on for days, but this photo was taken after less than 24 hours.

Fortunately there are many others who have done better than me this week, so go have a look!

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