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The Cat's Meow

I love sitting down at a well stocked (aka messy) polish table and letting an idea happen. No pre-determined theme, no desperate need to swatch a new polish, just a desire to do something pretty to my nails.

Late last night I sat down at my polish table and felt like something monochromatic. I also spied Sayuri Nail Lacquer's The Cat's Meow sitting in my untried basket. I ended up with this:

The Cat's Meow

I started with the black to white gradient, which is really quite difficult to pull off. Probably why I covered it with pretty glitter ;) The gradient was done with trusty old Ulta3 Black Satin and Lily White.

The most difficult part of a black/white gradient is getting the colours to blend -I'd find that giving it a quick mix with a toothpick wasn't quite enough, and had to really work the colours together to get a good grey before applying. 

After testing on my thumb I found the best way to go was to quickly stroke some black polish across the tips of my white base, then apply the gradient with a sponge focusing on the grey/white section. It still wasn't worthy of display all alone.

The Cat's Meow

I then lightly dabbed two coats of The Cat's Meow on top, and finished off with a good layer of HK Girl top coat. I love how the black glitters are prominent over the white and the translucent pastels pop over the black.

I wasn't sure if I loved how it all looked together immediately but after having it on for a little while I really like how unique it is. I mostly love how the gradient has a bit of a frostbite look to it - very edgy.

I love how dreamy this looks in the bottle! I wasn't sure if the base was totally clear or not before I opened it because of the pastels glitters. To my late-on-Saturday-night eyes I could have sworn it was a milky crelly but they totally deceived me. Black and pastel is such a great combination and having the beautiful sheer hexes in pink, lavender, mint and blue is just perfection.

I picked up this polish in Sayuri's end of year sale which is running until June 30th - some polish is as cheap as $4.95, including one of my all-time favourites Galaxy Magic!

Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend! xx


  1. Love this Jae! Totally agree with the way the different glitters pop over the black vs white.

    1. Thanks Anthea! I didn't even mention how much I love that the black glitters are different shapes, the squares are excellent.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you :D Love it when an idea comes together!